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In fact, over the next two summers, he would create three oils and multiple watercolors of Two Lights. Dating to the s, the lighthouses allowed mariners to take dual bearings in order to fix their position on the way into Portland Harbor and steer clear of the rocks.

Of the multiple works, the best known is an oil titled A Lighthouse at Two Lights, which Hopper painted in Well, mostly. The landscape around this scene has, in the ninety years since Hopper set up his easel, inexorably yielded to progress. Housing developments have claimed the surrounding farmland. Not that reaching it is so easy. But nearby Two Lights State Park, a pristine perch filled with picnic tables and shoreline trails, affords a beautiful view of the light.

The slightly more adventurous can motor to the far end of Two Lights Road, where a dirt parking road leads to the rocky shoreline and an even closer view. In a technical sense, Hopper was drawn to the play of light across the geometric surfaces of these structures. But on an emotional level, lighthouses embodied solitude like little else. And Hopper rendered them better than anyone. Astute viewers of A Lighthouse at Two Lights will note that the isolated beacon is cut off from the thing it serves: The sea is not shown; there is no water in view.

Hopper portrait courtesy National Portrait Gallery. Abraham Woods Jr. It would take some chutzpah to exaggerate the grandeur of Yosemite Valley in order to make a buck, right? Born in Germany, Bierstadt moved to America with his family before his second birthday, but went back to Germany as a young man to study in Dusseldorf. Having already visited and painted the Rockies, Bierstadt sketched Yosemite in and returned to New York to paint it in his studio.

Most Yosemite landscapes are painted facing east, up the Merced River. As the title suggests, Looking Down Yosemite Valley gazes due west, downriver, with the granite mass of El Capitan on the right, Sentinel Rock on the left, and Middle Cathedral Rock in the gauzy distance. Bierstadt subjected the release of his grand work to the grandiose PR treatment for which he became famous.

At the appointed time, the work was revealed to thunderous applause. Made a state park by decree of Abraham Lincoln in during the time Bierstadt was working on the painting and a national park in , Yosemite now sees an average of more than four million visitors a year.

The ongoing difficulties of coping with such traffic—not to mention climate change and its accompanying wildfires and deforestation—are the subject of another story. The artist had made the first recorded summit of the 14,foot peak in Bierstadt portrait, public domain.

El Capitan courtesy National Park Service. Photography was relatively new at the time, so the print media often turned to artists for paintings or quick, detailed sketches to accompany magazine or newspaper articles.

He immigrated to the United States in , working as an illustrator for a humor magazine and a travel guidebook before joining the staff of New York Illustrated News in When the Civil War began in , Waud was sent to cover the Army of the Potomac, the primary Union military contingent.

As a special artist for the paper, he served as a kind of on-thebattlefield press correspondent, sketching what he witnessed with drama and intensity. His artwork included scenes from the First Battle of Bull Run, Battle of Gettysburg, and other important military actions. Waud played an instrumental role as a chronicler of the Civil War: His detailed battlefield scenes were sometimes the only glimpses that Americans had of what the war actually looked like.

This earned him notoriety as one of the leading artistjournalists of his time. After the war, he continued working as a freelance illustrator. The artwork would be included in a documentary about the Mississippi River. Woodland Plantation, built in by magnate William Johnson as an 11,acre working sugar cane plantation, was spared the damage of the Civil War. Waud traveled to the site, about forty minutes south of New Orleans in the region known as the Deep Mississippi Delta, and went about sketching the red-tile-roofed mansion, the horse-drawn carriages, the trees.

His creation, A Home on the Mississippi, has stood the test of time. Woodland Plantation underwent renovations beginning in and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in ; the following year, it opened as a country inn. The beautiful natural setting on the Mississippi River offers a peaceful spot to soak up some of the history and culture of the South. Stroll the property to see wildlife and flora, including a wide variety of birds and Louisiana Purchase Cypress Legacy 4, one of the oldest cypress trees in Louisiana.

On summer afternoons, Buddy, the resident alligator, might make an appearance. Devoted anglers will be pleased to know that the Deep Delta is one of the top fisheries in North America. Take a minute boat tour or just relax on the porch with a glass of Southern Comfort, natch. The place still has the kind of slow-down-and-take-it-easy vibe that Waud captured nearly years ago.

Waud was stricken by a heart attack while sketching battlefields in Georgia at age Waud portrait, public domain. Aerial courtesy Woodland Plantation. Even among Canadian Rockies lakes, McArthur is a stunning sight. Its sapphire blue comes from its depth— feet, the equivalent of a twenty-sixstory building.

But the lake might be little known now were it not for a visitor who arrived in the summer of The McArthur Pass and Lake McArthur trail is a five-mile circuit that leads along a rocky ledge and into an open meadow on the north shore. Born in England in , J. His distinctive style helped establish an entire Canadian art movement championed by like-minded landscape painters who became known as the Group of Seven. MacDonald believed that to properly paint the land, the artist had to immerse himself in it.

Already a proud nationalist, MacDonald was profoundly moved by the experience of painting in the bracing air a thousand feet above sea level. Looking at the painting now, one is struck by how deftly MacDonald transmuted the complex topography of the Rockies into frosty slabs of color. His emotional connection to the site still radiates from this small canvas. The builders are still at work…often from the chasms one hears the thundering as the gods…change their minds. MacDonald portrait courtesy Archives of Ontario.

Winter scene Zeljkokcanmore. It is late at night and, as you pass beneath one of the two great granite-block towers, you notice a thickset, middle-aged man, looking around and not so much impressed by the sights as bewitched by them. A jumper, perhaps? No, but a man shaken nevertheless.

For the portly man on the bridge is Joseph Stella, and the ruminations holding him in thrall will result in a series of some of the most beautiful and evocative paintings ever made of this bridge. And this bridge, dear visitor, has been painted an awful lot. Born in Muro Lucano in southern Italy, Stella moved to New York in but abandoned his studies of medicine in order to pursue art.

Initially an academic realist, Stella, after a brief stint living in Paris, returned to New York in as a committed futurist. He arrived just in time to witness the dawn of the Machine Age. Stimulated and provoked by the tensions of modern urban life, Stella worked out his complex emotional response through his paintings—most notably of the Brooklyn Bridge; he lived nearby, having found an apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Brooklyn has changed since then, but its namesake bridge has not. Though the bridge is hardly a contemporary structure, it has always possessed an uncanny ability to harmonize with the modern city that grew up around it. Today, you will see locals and tourists alike stopped in their tracks to contemplate the views from the bridge.

Though there are further and higher vantage points of the city, none is more thought-provoking. The cables thrust themselves toward the viewer, trapping him, as the towers stack themselves in the center of the canvas in a vertiginous repetition.

But the most affecting element is light—headlights and traffic lights, the glow of distant buildings, and the dark blue reflections off the river far beneath. Every visitor who walks the bridge will take away his or her own impressions, of course, Brooklyn Bridge appears courtesy the Yale University Art Gallery. Stella portrait and smaller day photo, public domain.

In , New York City advertising agency N. Ayer—working on behalf of one of their clients, the Hawaiian Pineapple Company—capitalized on the trend of hiring fine artists to make ad campaigns look classier. She was inspired by nature and frequently used it as her subject matter.

As a young artist, she eschewed strict realist tradition and found her own style. On Maui, known as the Valley Isle, she traveled along the coast and into the mountains. These trips inspired a few canvases, including Waterfall—No. III, which was painted near the mouth of the valley. You can write to Larry at Box 22, Bolivar, Mo. Page 17 Tues. Geez, was it over 25 years ago when I first visited this beautiful creature that Mother Nature created?

For those not familiar with Reelfoot Lake, an earthquake in the early s opened a fissure between the Mississippi River and some lowland swamp area a few miles away, creating what we know today as Reelfoot Lake. If you do, a stump hidden just under the Reelfoot surface could stop you in your tracks and cause major damage to both boat and body. Shumate, who has been guiding the waters of Reelfoot for 11 years, admits that no one knows where every stump is, Hornbeak Tenn.

Our first stop was an old boat dock that was built between four of the largest cypress trees I have ever seen, with a root system that seemed to go on forever. With a spinning outfit already rigged with a slip bobber and feisty minnow, I plopped it down beside the roots of the giant cypress.

A few twitches from the six-foot rod and the bobber submarined out of site, lickety-split. The result was a Reelfoot slab crappie around 13 inches long. After we felt the hole had given us all it was going to give up, we started the big motor and found another spot just up the lake that looked almost the same. On this stop, my guide rested the minnows and picked up a foot jigging pole armed with a chartreuse and red tube jig.

We placed the jig in and around the old tree methodically until a bump, and Mr. Crappie came flying out of the water. Hunter admits that when he is fishing alone, the jigging pole stays in his hand more than a minnow rig will. Throughout the next few hours, we caught over a dozen crappie between the cypress trees. Jeff is a tournament crappie fisherman who scored a first-place win in Louisiana just a few weeks before our trip.

Jeff explained to me that on Reelfoot, there were areas out in the middle of the lake that we would be fishing. As we headed across the lake, I could hear the sound of the big motor from time to time reminding me that we were fishing Reelfoot Lake, with the blade coming into contact with a stump on more than one occasion.

Once our destination, by GPS, was reached, Jeff pulled out foot rods rigged with black and chartreuse jigs, and one by one placed them in the harnesses on the front of the boat. As the 4-mph wind drifted us across the lake one by one, the big poles would go down, and the result on the other end would be a tasty slab. Riddle, from time to time, would take a crappie minnow and place it on one of the jigs or even use some gold nibbles Fishing guide and spider rig specialist Jeff Riddle shows two slab crappies from the open water stump fields in the middle of Reelfoot Lake.

Whether you enjoy casting the cypress or hitting the open water, Reelfoot Lake is loaded with big crappies. Remember, stumps are everywhere. You may want to leave your rig at home and rent a boat from a local dock. Good fishing!!! For more information and guide service, contact Blue Bank Resort at or go to bluebankresort.

COM We sell and service all Honda power equipment! Specifications subject to change without notice. It is a violation of federal law to reproduce these imags without express written permission from American Honda Motor Co. All rights reserved.

Many Honda engine, trimmer, lawn mower, power equipment and veicle model names, and associated trade dress may be seen at ww. Connection of a generator to house power requires a transfer device to avoid possible injury to power company personnel. Consult a qualified electrician. Twenty-two counties were dropped and three were added. The Commission also tentatively approved carcass transport restrictions that, if finally approved following a comment period, will go into effect next year.

The zone reduction was prompted by research showing the distance Missouri deer travel from their birth sites had previously been overestimated. It turns out that more than 90 percent travel less than a mile radius. The previous estimate had been 25 miles. The 22 counties are relieved of CWD-related rules that apply inside the zone. This is popular for landowners who wish to provide supplemental feeding or conduct summertime surveys of their deer populations, using trail cams over attractants.

Most of these counties will have antler-point restrictions reinstated as well. Hunting over bait, of course, remains prohibited, as it is statewide. All traces of grain or feed must be gone at least 10 days prior to any hunting activity. Tentative approval was given to restrictions on the movement of deer carcasses that originate in the CWD management zone or out of state.

If the Commission then gives final approval for these changes, they will take effect starting next February. Meat that is cut and wrapped or boned out, quarters without the spinal column attached , antlers and finished taxidermy products may be transported. These rules address one of the biggest sources of the spread of CWD — improper disposal of carcass parts. This is likely the second leading cause of new outbreaks of CWD, second only to the commercial transport of live cervids.

Live cervid transport remains legal and poorly regulated in Missouri. Export and intrastate transport of all cervid species is still allowed. Even the importation of most cervid species such as elk, red deer, sika deer, fallow deer and axis deer still occurs today. Nearly every cervid species sold by high-fence shooting operations can be loaded on a trailer and moved around, despite the fact that there is no effective live test for CWD.

The only live transport that has been banned is the importation of white-tail and mule deer. Even these may still be moved around the state or exported, even to and from counties in the CWD zone. So hunters are expected to do their part to reduce the spread of CWD. Out of concern for the long term future of deer hunting, most hunters understand and accept stringent transportation regulations. Hopefully someday the confined cervid industry will be asked to do so as well. It took surgery to remove it.

Chubby also broke a leg somehow while hunting and it took several vet trips and x-rays before they discovered a cracked bone. He clomped around in a cast for several weeks but healed without any problem. Find the cause is before it gets worse. Vets no doubt would argue, but if I have leftover antibiotics or other prescription medication, I keep it in my kit bag. Some years back I was assaulted by a deer tick in Minnesota, a prime state for Lyme disease. I had some dog antibiotics and dosed myself until I got home, by which time the bite was gone and I was fine.

I did tend to bark more frequently than before, though. Teaching a dog to close-heel may be as important as teaching it to whoa. Hunters who let the dog run free near a highway are asking for trouble. I know a hunter whose retriever was hit by a car … in a farm field! Bird dogs, with their intense focus on hunting, have absolutely no vehicle sense. In the long run, it may save their lives.

Years ago I was quail hunting when I banged my elbow against a tree. There might have been a slight abrasion, but I forgot about it … until several nights later when I woke with my arm throbbing, swollen and red. I took a sulfa tablet, that miracle antibiotic of World War II, and went to the doctor the next day. In reality, the population has more than tripled and the herd is doing very well. But his only concern is with killing elk.

Himself especially. He also completely ignores the economic impact elk are having on small Ozark towns, like Eminence and Ellington, where people actually find it a thrill just to view elk and hear a majestic bugle. Wildlife has value outside of hunting, but I do dream of one day hunting a Missouri elk.

A couple hundred ruffed grouse have been relocated to Missouri from Wisconsin, and I can sit on my back deck and listen to quail almost every night in the summer. Quail are doing better than they have in many years. Then he goes to CWD. There are areas in Wisconsin now where 50 percent of the harvested bucks test CWD-positive. The disease is progressing very slowly thanks to culling, compared to states where the strategy is to throw up their hands and do nothing.

Bee-line for the emergency room, day or night! He had somehow ruptured his bladder. You have to learn to read the dog, and even then a dog owner is far from infallible. Dogs tend to soldier on when people would be in bed whining and demanding tender loving care. With feral hog hunters heavily invested financially in equipment and dogs to pursue these hogs, they need hogs to hunt, right?

See the circle. Hog hunting is fun, especially behind dogs. The chase is an amazing thrill, and hounds baying is an awesome sound, but feral hogs are horribly destructive to land and outcompete native wildlife for food and habitat. See you down the trail… Brandon Butler was executive director of the Conservation Federation of Missouri from to One such way is employed by some Illinois anglers. They fish small rivers with a light current.

Dip baits are popular and the commercial dip bait lures are often used. However, some of them have been turning to walleye lures instead of the dip worm. The spinning rotation of the spinner blade creates sound waves. The eyeloop knot is readily attached with a ball-bearing swivel for more time spent fishing. A trailer hook located within the tail ensures catching sluggish or short strikes.

Some of these lures even have a zip worm type of body that will hold more dip bait. The catfisherman will anchor in current, dip the worm in his favorite cheese bait, and gently drop it over the side. A one-ounce egg sinker is placed on the line above the worm.

Once the sinker reaches the bottom, more line is let out until the worm moves freely in the current just off the bottom. The one disadvantage of this worm is that it must be brought up every 10 minutes or so to be rebaited. It helps to dry the plastic with a soft cloth before redipping it in the cheese bait.

Cheese does not stick well to wet plastic. With the multi hooks of the prerigged plastic worm, a catfish that grabs it stays hooked. It is an offbeat way to fish but can be very productive.

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