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how cs go lounge betting workstation

CS:GO Lounge - Betting Guru's. 48 likes. Welcome to CS:GO Lounge - Betting Guru's Atm. we are 2 boys predicting some CS:GO matches at sbetting.365sportsbetting.online We. Online! CS:GO Lounge is a site which numerous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players list items they want to trade for something else. video games whose skins (i.e., CSGO, DOTA2, PUBG) can be transferred to used for esports betting in , and the esports betting website CSGOLounge. SEEKING ALPHA BITCOIN

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How cs go lounge betting workstation what is next cryptocurrency


In short, players were able to bet on CSGO matches using their skins. The skins are worth real money on Steam and other similar platforms. It functions just like normal betting, but instead of regular or crypto-currency, punters use in-game items. There were many other third-party sites which allowed players to wager their items, not only on esports bets but also on slots and other types of fixed-odds casino-style games. However, there is a catch. Namely, the items skins have a real money value and they can be bought and sold.

As a result, people could lose items worth thousands of dollars. Problems Associated with Skins Betting Not only were the skins betting websites operating in a grey area, there was also another problem. Many of the CSGO teams were affiliated with some of the item trading websites, including CSGOLounge and often, teams received direct payments from purchases, especially since some of the stickers represent teams and players.

These stickers can be used for betting, which means that the teams are directly linked to betting on events in which they participate. It was pretty clear that this could have an impact on the game. In players had to be banned, because it was proven that they participated in match rigging. Namely, players wagered against their opponents using a third-party skin betting site and then lost the match on purpose.

Following the banning of the players, Valve issued a statement in which it was stated that CSGO players, managers and other team staff should not, under any circumstances engage in skin betting, or even be associated with high volume punters. You can read more about skins, betting with it and other problems in our dedicated page on skins betting. CSGOLounge was, at the time, probably the largest skins betting site and a representative of the site publicly stated that Valve has even provided technical support for their operations.

Another incident soon followed. Two skins betting aficionados created a skins betting website which they marketed on their YouTube and other social media accounts, without disclosing the fact that they own the website. History of Item Trading Game items have been traded online since the early days of the internet and probably thousands of items have been bought and sold over eBay and other similar websites.

It can be said that skin betting became an integral part of the CSGO gaming scene as a whole. The cases contain guns, knives and other items but they can only be unlocked with keys. Since Valve Steam offers a trading API, third party sites are able to organise large scale betting, and this is basically howskin betting came about.

Often, up to 50, punters placed bets on a single CSGO match with the number of wagered items reaching up to , Virtual currency cannot be withdrawn, but you still get to use it to the best of its advantages. With hundreds and thousands of skins available to purchase in the marketplace and various options to select from in the esports betting section, your virtual coins are the key to you potentially improving your CS:GO gameplay or further increasing your balance through betting on the events.

Mobile Compatibility and User Experience If you have a particular fondness for using mobile devices to access your favorite betting websites, then CSGO Lounge can cater to you in this respect. Your log-in details are the same, and the betting options remain the same as well.

It has a charcoal and orange color scheme, which is quite pleasing to the eyes. Menu links can be found across the top of the website, directly next to the CSGO logo. The trading options can be seen down the left-hand side of the page, while the esports offerings are available on the right-hand side. Clicking on one of the esports options will provide you with the odds and possibilities for the event.

Other Gambling Activities Available While trading may not particularly be considered a gambling activity, it does go hand-in-hand with the esports betting section of CSGO Lounge. Therefore, esports betting comes as a sort of addition to the option of skin trading.

In this respect, trading plays an important role in allowing members of the site to be able to indulge in betting on CS:GO events. Real-money gambling was a possibility at the platform prior to , but with the increase of gamers looking to trade skins from the game, CSGO Lounge revamped itself to what it remains as today.

Skin trading that leads to the possibility of placing esports bets for virtual coins, which can then lead to the potential of being able to buy higher-grade skins from the marketplace, is highly appealing.

The free coins on your arrival make for an intriguing welcome to the site, too, giving you the chance to potentially place a few esports wagers and experience how it all works.

How cs go lounge betting workstation match betting usa

How to bet in csgolounge?

All of the Biggest Teams and Tournaments Get started with esports betting today with no experience necessary!

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how cs go lounge betting workstation

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