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bitcoin exploit kit

Video: Why rising bitcoin prices are not all good news for ransomware An exploit kit is used by cybercriminals to take advantage of. At this point we would usually expect an exploit kit in the website's content with the purpose of infecting the victim's machine with malware. We take a look at a prolific campaign that is focused on the distribution of coin miners via drive-by download attacks. BITCOINS WIKI PLUTO

According to reports , the malware actors were able to obtain access to the superantispyware. The attackers disguised the Kraken Cryptor ransomware as the legitimate SuperAntiSpyware anti-malware program to trick users into installing it onto their systems. According to the report, the Fallout began distributing the Kraken Cryptor ransomware version 1. But the latest research shows that the comment has been removed and an updated to version 1. Delivery and Exploit Kraken Cryptor generally gets delivered when a potential user visits a compromised website.

However, the user is redirected to various gateways before landing on the page that typically deploys the exploit kit to the victim's computer. After it gets installed on the computer, Kraken Cryptor encrypts system files with a random file name and random extensions. The ransom note contains the procedure victims are required to follow to decrypt files. Instructions on how to contact the attacker at onionhelp memeware. The ransomware author has been demanding 0.

Specific instructions are also provided. In some cases, the attackers put extra pressure on victims to pay the ransom by allowing only has a limited time period to meet the demand. After the stipulated time, the decryption key may be deleted, or the ransom demand may be increased.

Consequences If the affected files contain valuable data, encrypting them means losing access to that information. If the data is critical to a business - for example, a patient data in a hospital, or payroll details in a finance firm - the loss of access can impact the entire company. If the affected files are used by the device's operating system, encrypting them can stop the device from working properly. If the device is critical to a company's operations - for example, a server, hospital medical equipment, or industrial control system - the business impact can be siginificant.

In recent years, there have been multiple cases of ransomware spreading through entire company networks, effectively disrupting or even halting normal business until the infected machines can be cleaned and the data recovered. To pay or not to pay? Ransomware works on the assumption that the user will be inconvenienced enough at losing access to the files that they are willing to pay the sum demanded.

Security researchers and law enforcement authorities, in general, strongly recommend that the victims refrain from paying the ransom. In some reported cases however, the crypto-ransomware infections have been so disruptive that the affected organizations and users opted to pay the ransom to regain the data or device access.

Doing so prevents the infection from spreading to other connected devices. Not only should other connected devices and storage media be checked for infection by the same threat, but also for any other threats that may have been installed on the side. If possible, identify the specific ransomware responsible. Knowing the specific family involved makes it easier to search online for information about remedial options.

The ID-Ransomware project site may be able to help you identify the ransomware involved. Once you are certain the infection is contained, you can then try to remove the infection, recover the device and the data saved on it. Recovering files that have been encrypted by crypto-ransomware is technically extremely difficult; in most cases, it is simpler to wipe the device clean and reinstall the operating system, then recover the affected data from a clean backup.

You can take the following steps for recovery: If possible, format and reinstall the device. Usually, this is the most expedient way to remove a ransomware infection. In a small handful of cases, there are removal tools available for specific ransomware families see Family-specific removal tools below which you may consider as an alternative.

Restore data from clean backups. If available and clean, the encrypted data can be recovered by restoring from backup files. In cases where no decryption is possible, this is the method recommended by law enforcement authorities and security experts to avoid paying the operators responsible for crypto-ransomware. Reevaluate the security of any software installed. To prevent a recurrence, ensure any software installed including the operating system is up-to-date with the latest security patches.

Report the incident to the appropriate local law enforcement authority. Each country handles incidents of electronic crime differently, but in general most national law enforcement agencies urge affected individuals or companies to report incidents and avoid paying any ransom demanded. Family-specific removal tools For certain crypto-ransomware families, security researchers have been able to obtain the decryption keys from the attackers' servers, and use them to create special removal tools that can recover the contents of files that were encrypted with the keys.

Do note however that these tools generally require some level of technical knowledge to use. They are also only effective for these specific ransomware families, or even just for threats that were distributed in specific campaigns.

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Furthermore, in , this exploit kit was used in landing pages that exploited Flash Player vulnerabilities to install CryptoWall 3. Security Best Practices to Counter Exploit Kits IT System administrators should ensure that all corporate systems, devices, and software are running with the latest security updates. Remote Desktop Services should be restricted only to authorized personnel and accessible only via VPN, rather than accessible over the internet.

IT System administrators should regularly take Backup of the databases, applications, and all critical data owned by the organization. Users should use intense and complex to guess passwords never re-use the same password at multiple sites. No large EK operation has surfaced on the exploit kit market in , but two major players — Sundown and Neutrino — faded out instead.

RIG has continued to dominate detections for exploit kit activity, but these detections are a fraction of what RIG used to get. Duncan says various reasons contributed to RIG and the EK landscape's downfall, such as modern browsers getting harder to hack, Flash use going down after major browsers switched to an HTML5-first policy, and several coordinated takedowns aimed at EK operations [ 1 , 2 ].

Current state of exploit kits Even cybercriminals have noticed the hard times exploit kits are going through, and many have switched to email spam or social engineering spear-phishing, tech support scams.

Currently, exploit kits are nothing more today than a dying fad with a strong clientele that continues to rely on them for spreading various sorts of malware strains. But even this clientele will abandon EK operators once they stop infecting enough users. Below is Duncan's review of what's left of the exploit kit landscape in In January of , Rig EK was primarily used to send different types of ransomware.

The Afraidgate and pseudo-Darkleech campaigns disappeared by May

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Well-known Exploit Kits and Vulnerabilities Exploited Angler Exploit Kit Angler exploit kits were initially identified in and have quickly become one of the most prominent exploit kits used in cyberattacks due to their unique methods in spreading ransomware variants, including UmbreCrypt, Kovter, TorrentLocker, CryptoWall, and TeslaCrypt.

Furthermore, the Angler exploit kit used to be one of the few exploit kits that allowed fileless infections. As a result, the malware was never executed on the HDD and lived in memory to avoid detection. Furthermore, in , this exploit kit was used in landing pages that exploited Flash Player vulnerabilities to install CryptoWall 3. Security Best Practices to Counter Exploit Kits IT System administrators should ensure that all corporate systems, devices, and software are running with the latest security updates.

Setting up the exploit kit servers is just one aspect of this story, though. The Nuclear exploit kit itself packs quite the punch under the hood, as there is a multi-tier server architecture. Every console server manages several landing page servers, which is where the real magic happens. Among the security vulnerabilities Nuclear attempts to exploit are Flash security flaws, as well as a Javascript weakness targeting Internet Explorer 10 and 11 users specifically. Moreover, a VBScript vulnerability is being looped in as well, which is — according to the security experts — most likely used to execute phishing attacks.

It is also interesting to note the Nuclear exploit kit is mostly used to target Spanish speakers, for some unknown reason. It appears as if a large portion of the traffic visiting these exploit pages were coming from a Spanish ad for adult webcams.

That is not the most worrying part, however, as one particular server saw as much as 60, unique IP addresses accessing the platform in a single day. At this time, it looks all but impossible for the Nuclear exploit kit to go away entirely. Disrupting the DigitalOcean servers has done absolutely nothing other than buying a small amount of time.

Both Cisco and Check Point are stepping up their security to try and identify these landing pages and exploit attacks, but it will be an uphill battle, to say the least.

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