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pied piper coin crypto

SuperRare is the digital art market on Ethereum. Our Pied Piper A banker plays his tinkling coin melody and we follow him! oh if we. We are building the private decentralized internet #PiedPiperCoins $PPC Anyone interested in a crypto house ICO pitch joint in NYC during #Consensus In private messages, Pied Piper Coin told us that Craig Wright was behind the account, that XRP was a security, and that yes, the airdrop was. ETHEREUM SMART CONTRACT MUSIC

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Is this a scam? Is this an exit? I was scared the project was gonna die, and all these people would have a bad taste in their mouth. Pied Piper: Yeah, I think that memes have a lot of value. Memes are a super viable tool, and I think there is an inherent value in memes. People are becoming very rich off of memes, so I think memes are funny… but I think that our price is funny to laugh at right now, but maybe not in a year from now snaps fingers.

So what does Pied Piper stand for as a meme? But we want to come out under the wing of Doge, come under the leg if you will… not the one that they lift up to pee. But in the case of our coin, the mythos really comes from the show Silicon Valley. Doge is well-established because… you know, the doge, the Shib… but we are going to be established because of the show Silicon Valley that is still going strong. Vlad: So, did you ever receive a message from anyone from HBO?

Pied Piper: Yeah, actually. However, they expressly asked me not to reveal any of the messages that we exchanged. But I will have to say that the nature of it was positive. But you turned out well, man! Pied Piper: Thank you, I appreciate that. So please, do me this one favor. Vlad: I guess you can read his blog, The Unenumerated.

But you need to get me back in his good graces, man. Vlad: Okay, I promise. Pied Piper: Shoot him like a little clip of this video! Tell him I will not take out these handcuffs until he unblocks me. Vlad: You know what? If I had a soundboard, I would have done it. You know the song? Vlad: No. Pied Piper: No, if I had a soundboard. Vlad: Oh, okay.

Pied Piper: Well, you need stuff like that. You know what I mean? You will see, Americans will tell you, okay? Vlad: Who sings it? Pied Piper: Yeah, I mean… kind of. Vlad: Was that harsh enough? Pied Piper: Yeah, that was good. You got me, Vlad. Alright, next question.

You know how I feel? You got it! I mean, at least you know the artist too. Can you tell me more about that? Vlad: Dr. Like the music producer who sang with Eminem? Pied Piper: laughs Yeah, I mean they have been very receptive to the coin so I can definitely talk to them. Vlad: I remember I spoke to them this week, I think.

I focus on the good news, I focus on the good stuff. I try to bring news about Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and all the projects that will be around for longer than five years. Vlad: Yeah, Pied Piper. Of course, Obviously. Vlad: Well, you need a network right? Pied Piper: Why Vlad are you not going to support it? Yea great, and then, where are you going to get the infrastructure from? So that someone can mine the coin?

I mean eventually I want that. When people out there, you know once we can actually afford to do some marketing or something, you know people are gonna go crazy over this thing. Pied Piper: Ah whatever, fuck it. Pied Piper: Yeah , yeah I am. Vlad: Weird. Pied Piper: Nah you can do that! You know? And I think that is a big problem in crypto right now is that, who do you trust to do that?

Who can do that job and who is a buillshitter? And who can blow your operation up? Because all it takes is one disgruntled employee with a little bit too much access and bam all your treasuries are drained? Maybe buy one lambo and then give it away, just to drive it once. I mean I want to get to a point with PiedPiper Coin where we can actually buy a tesla and give it away to our community.

Vlad: How does one give away a Tesla to an entire community? Vlad: Do you think at some point in the future of the coin would you sponsor sports events like Doge did with NASCAR or become a currency which is used during Twitch live broadcast? Pied Piper: I think I could see us doing a whole range of things. Because I feel like we as a development team are taking our core efforts into the DAPPs and the DAO the governance, that kind of stuff, which is taking a lot of fucking time right now as you can tell.

Yea, just think that we could definitely use the help of the community on that. Vlad: So before Pied Piper Coin, for how long have you been involved in crypto? Pied Piper: Ummm since Pied Piper: Who knows, you know?

Maybe doing this has hurt me? Hopefully my efforts will pay off here and our developers efforts will pay off here. Vlad: Do you think Gemini will add you to their market? I could see us getting on Gemini. My personal opinion but I know people in the crypto world who disagree with that.

Vlad: Travesty. Pied Piper: Travesty. There it goes. Anyway If you do your first episode of that show which you are trying to be the cop of crypto — you think your topic with be Coinbase? Pied Piper: ahuhh no, I dont… no. I will look into that but I have my first target in mind.

I already have the first topic. And I am launching a podcast which is going to be funny but controversial topics and politics. But far from being settled, things only got stranger after that. At first it seemed pretty clear what was happening. A principled prankster was using "Silicon Valley" memesas a megaphone to call out bad actors and inject some healthy skepticism into crypto Twitter. The person behind the Pied Piper account told CoinDesk: "We are using humor to help remind the cryptosphere of all the shady things that have occurred and to help the broader community avoid these mistakes.

Our way of teaching is through humor. PPCash insisted that its "vision of the new internet has been the true path from the start" a send-up of bitcoin cash originalism. Meanwhile HooliCoin promised , "Soon the world will understand centralized cryptos are the way of the future" a parody of corporate blockchains. Yet amid all the jokes, Pied Piper Coin appeared to be serious about doing an airdrop. And that would complicate matters. A scam?

The integration of a real cryptocurrency into the experience left a bad taste in the mouths of fans. Neeraj Agrawal, the head of communications at the cryptocurrency policy think tank Coin Center and a powerful engine of crypto-memes in his own right, laid into Pied Piper Coin days after its appearance. He wrote: "Leave it to crypto to turn a mention of your thing on a popular TV show from cute parody account to scam airdrop within a week.

The creator's continued anonymity and a brief media blitz, in which he appeared on crypto YouTube shows wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and a Peter Pan hat, did little to counter that perception. It has since fallen back down to nearly nothing. Many of the ingredients of a classic crypto scam appear to be there: marketing that briefly implied backing from a legitimate, mainstream entity; an unaccountable team; a token without a product; aggressive social media promotion; a brief spike in the price followed by a long jaunt towards oblivion.

Plus, on May 28, the piper let's call him that sold 4, PPI over the counter "to recoup some costs from the coin.

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Silicon Valley S5E8 - Richard Saves Pied Piper, Fucks Over Gavin, Regains 51% Of Users. Kiss My Piss


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Bertram Gilfoyle on Pied Piper's ICO - Tech at Bloomberg Interviews

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