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The ratio of winnings to stake in betting situations. Odd numbers. odds. plural of odd. Usage notesEdit. The word. American odds, also known as moneyline odds, are primarily used by sites that cater to US sports bettors. American odds are probably the easiest odds format. Bet and browse odds for all sports with Sky Bet. Horse racing, Football, Accumulators and In Play. INVESTING PROPERTY FULL ADDER LOGIC

Home » Strategies » American Odds American Odds American odds, also known as moneyline odds, are primarily used by sites that cater to US sports bettors. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about American odds. What Are American Odds? American odds are simply one way to express odds.

There are two basic types: favorites and underdogs. The higher the absolute value of the number, the better the chance the bet will win. For example, a favorite has a better chance to win than a favorite. The higher the number, the larger the underdog. Check out the betting markets at our highest-rated bookmakers to see how they price up games in American odds. What Do the Odds Mean? American odds can easily be converted into other odds formats, such as decimal odds or fractional odds , using an odds calculator.

Most sports betting sites present odds in multiple formats, making it easy to switch between formats and set your preferred format as the default option. We can also convert American odds into percentages. This is useful because it gives you a break-even percentage that you need to achieve long-term to win when betting certain odds.

The most common odds are , so we will use it for our example. This means you must win at least How often do they have to win for us to break even? As we discussed, odds worse than can hurt your break-even percentage and should be taken into account even when betting spreads. Re-issues began sporadically at first in , mainly major characters particularly Optimus Prime , Megatron , Rodimus and Starscream in recreations of the original packaging, with a few special editions.

But it didn't take long for this to expand into larger, more organized lines: The Transformers Collection This series is also known as the "bookbox" series, as each toy came in a large box with a multi-page, full-color booklet attached to the inner front cover of the box, full of bio information, toy trivia, cartoon summaries and more. In some respects this series was a bit of an "ultimate G1" line, as a great many toys were modified from their original releases.

Tooling issues were fixed for extra durability, stickers were altered or even replaced with more durable factory-applied tampographs , accessories were added that had either not been released in Japan like Targetmaster partners or wholly-new items altogether. This series would be further filled out with all-new characters set in the classic universe, with redecos of the mold reissues in new color schemes often -but not always- replicating Diaclone variants the original Transformers line passed on through outlets like e-HOBBY.

Transformers Encore Riding the surge of popularity that had been building and exploding with the live-action film , Encore brought more "enhanced" classic toys out, though this time in more classic-style packaging. The line also put a much heavier focus on the larger pieces in the original line, including the likes of Metroplex and even Fortress Maximus , as well as toys the original Japanese line had skipped, like Sky Lynx.

Hasbro generally seemed less keen on remaking the past, focusing their efforts on new lines, but saw the value in trying to get the reissues into fans' hands Generation One Commemorative Series Sold exclusively through Toys"R"Us though overstock would later filter into closeout outlets , the Commemorative Series mostly picked up what Takara was already putting out and swung them onto US and European shelves.

This series proved less popular with fans, thanks to the changes that had to be done to make the functional spring-launched missiles pass safety standards, plus a rather high price tag a Toys"R"Us staple for its exclusives that generally left net-savvy fans deciding to just import Takara's offerings for just a little bit more. Vintage G1 A series of reissues from Hasbro which began in Packaged in Generation 1-styled boxes complete with fonts, classic box art and Tech Spec , the figures invoke the look and feel of the original toyline, from the era of the franchise's nascent emergence as a cultural phenomenon.

All the figures thus far have been exclusive to Walmart in the United States and Canada, but have also been released at general retail in Asia, and the first wave of the "Legion Class" assortment has been available in Australia, exclusive to clothing chain CottonOn. Singapore got most toys at general retail, except for the "Legion Class" figures, which were available from the Singaporean branch of CottonOn… although the Bumblebee reissue was also offered as a "Combo" freebie at Golden Village movie theaters.

The toys themselves hew closely to the original releases, mostly using The Transformers Collection variants, incorporating subtle differences for safety or other reasons. Like their original releases, many include sticker-sheets for the customer to apply, enhancing the warm nostalgic experience.

New "Generation 1"-based lines If you think we're gonna list every individual new toy based on a Generation 1 character here, you're insane. And not the fun kind. Instead, enjoy this series of links to the numerous toylines that call back to the originals. Many of these lines are technically multi-franchise ensembles, but the majority of their output is of updated Generation 1 bots.

It's a mix of small toys originally developed for Generation 2 and some larger retooled European-market items from a few years prior, all mostly as old characters, and mostly in color schemes that don't match the characters they're supposed to be. On the other hand, this was the first chance many American fans had to acquire some of those larger foreign molds, and at KB's in famous pre-discounted prices to boot. Robotmasters Robotmasters Starscream A short line in Japan during the middle of the " Unicron Trilogy " series, Robotmasters is set in the nebulous time between the second season of the original cartoon and The Transformers: The Movie Sticking mainly to smaller items, the series is mostly recycled "Basic" figures and sub-Deluxe items, most as new characters.

Many came with extra weapons too, most of which were recycled from a canceled Microman series. However, there were a series of all-new molds, based on the leader characters of the past. The brand-new Starscream was easily the most popular, being a classic-designed toy with some actual posability, with a new smaller Optimus Primal being close behind. Though the new molds were highly sought after at the time, they'd become very obsolete in fairly short order The first focused Generation 1 "revival" series, Alternators was aimed squarely at the older collector.

This led to many of these toys being very complicated to transform. The Japanese Binaltech line took the collector-aim even further by using copious amounts of painted die-cast metal for the vehicle shells. A line of very slow and staggered releases, it would continue on for several years in the US. Japan would keep the line alive even longer and with a lot of variants , up through , including a few small sub-lines like Binaltech Asterisk which included human mini-figures to drive the vehicle modes and the controversial Kiss Players.

Despite heavy interest early on from the older fandom, Alternators has basically been left behind in favor of the later "normal" Generation 1 remakes that would follow a few years later. TakaraTomy would take another crack at the style later with Alternity, which is generally the same thing, only at scale, putting the toys at roughly "Deluxe" size. A line that started as a one-shot, anniversary-celebratory deal, that slowly over time grew to become basically the "ultimate" collector's Generation 1 toyline.

Takara has taken the lead here, putting out much of the product at general retail, where Hasbro picks and chooses molds to bring out as store exclusives from time to time. Starting with Optimus Prime of course , the line features larger-scale, very complex, highly-detailed, and generally animation-accurate renditions of classic characters. The line is still going today, and has expanded its scope, recently adding Beast Wars characters to the roster. Hasbro would occasionally release their own versions of Masterpiece toys, exclusive to various stores.

Due to the brand unification, these were stopped in favor of simply importing the toys. Timelines The Timelines series is also a multi-franchise ensemble line, but naturally, the majority of the product is Generationbased, and sold by Hasbro licensee Fun Publications via BotCons and the Transformers Collectors' Club. This series features a lot of toys based on more obscure characters and decos.

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