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1. Algebra for Cryptologists · 2. Break the Code · 3. Cryptography Made Simple · 4. Bent Functions · 5. Handbook of Applied Cryptography · 6. Serious. Properties of strong hash functions algorithms entire book, the hash codes produced by a specific hash function must be of the same size. PDF | Cryptographic Hash functions are used to achieve a number of security objectives. In this paper, we bring out the importance of hash. HELPER EXCELLENT FOR FOREX

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Somehow it works better than the raw division method. To retrieve h K , set all bits to the left of the imaginary radix point to 0 and then shift right p bits. Those p-bits extracted are the value of h k. Hashing functions for strings Basically, strings are array of characters and tables are indexed numerically, therefore we need to design a hashing function which output some numeric value. A lot of attention has been put into the design of hash function for strings whch can be easy to compute for strings and distributes strings uniformly among the m size of the table lists.

One approach of computing hash functions for the strings is to convert the characters of the strings into integers k1, To start asssign h hash value to be equal to zero for 1st iteration in the loop , basic difference among these algorithms is how these integers are combined with the value of h i. Here, m is the size of the table and should be prime. Do bitwise left shift operation over h, and left shift it by 4 bits and add that value to the binary value of the current character, and equate that value to h.

In the if condition do a bitwise AND operation between h and 0xf,and equate that value to a variable g, if the computed value is not equal to zero, then enter into the condition and XOR the value of h with 24 bits right shifted value of h, and then equate it to h. In the same if condition if XOR the values of h and g, and again equate it with h. If the if condition was not satisfied in the first place then skip that condition and just loop to the next character. Repeat the above steps till you reach the NULL character.

Use the value of h after the loop has ended and divide it by m to take the remainder and output that value as the hash value for that key. CRC variant of hashing CRC basically stands for Cyclic Redundancy Check, and is generally used to check errors in the data which are transmitted through any lossy medium like ethernet, since it converts an input of strings into a smaller output value they can also be used as a hash function.

It generally works better than PJW hash. Do 27 bits right shift operation over highorder and XOR the value with h and equate the resulted value to h. XOR the value of h with character's binary value and equate it with h. BUZ hash It involves a random number generator which can be stored in array,which can be run to produce an array of randomly generated values, and then steps can be done as in the algorithm to generate the hash value for the string.

Do the bitwise and operation between h and 0x, and equate that value to a variable named highorder. Left shift h by 1 unit towards left, and store that value into h. Do the bitwise right shift operation over high order by 31 places, and XOR that value by h and store it into h.

From the array generated by random function, XOR the value of h and the random number generated from random number generated stored at the index equal to that character's index in the array. Keyed Hash functions; the ones that use a secret key, and Unkeyed Hash Functions; the other ones which do not use a secret key. Generally, the term hash functions refer to unkeyed hash functions only. H can be applied to block of data of any length.

H produces a fixed-length output. Given H and x any given input , it is easy to computer message digest H x. Given H and H x , it is computationally infeasible to find x. The first three requirements are a must for practical applications of a hash function to message authentication and digital signatures.

The fourth requirement also known as pre-image resistance or one way property, states that it is easy generate a message code given a message but hard virtually impossible to generate a message given a code Sobti et al.

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