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This mod will add street racing to your GTA SA! To participate, you need to find the event marker and accept the bet! The delight gives off an impression of being an adjustment of social talk and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was discharged for Playstation 3 by means of. Players can enter the Inside track and go to a nearby ITB machine. Horse betting has five different horses to choose from. Players will earn. INVESTING IN DIVIDEND STOCKS FOR INCOME

If you ever see it decrease, it has been decreased by 1. Driving skill You can add to this stat by using any 4 wheel vehicle or Vortex. Operating a train is also included as 'driving', but doesn't seem to allow you to build skills this way, just adds distance. If you want to save the races for a little later in the game then you will be doing enough driving during the course of the game to build most of the vehicle skills to the max, so you don't need to drive in circles on the runways building up skills.

Notes about building vehicle skills- It seems to be based on time pressing the accelerator and not pressing the brake at the same time or distance travelled. It seems faster vehicles and aircraft build skills faster less time and less distance needed. Flying skill You can add to this stat by using any aircraft such as planes and helicopters.

Vortex does not add to this at least not for the PC version , but is treated like an aircraft in some other aspects, like being chased by Hydras when you have a high enough wanted level. For helicopters to add to this skill you must be moving, not just hovering in one spot. Up and down arrow keys for moving up or down.

Bring the landing gear up when in the air so you can fly faster, and obviously bring it down when trying to land. Not all planes have retractable landing gear. For helicopters it is pretty much the same as planes, but W also increases your altitude and s lowers it. Press the up arrow to lean the helicopter forward so that you move forward while using the throttle. Using a Shamal, it takes about You have to get the plane at a high enough elevation to earn the parachute, so you can't just hop in a plane and get out without getting the plane in the air and expect to get a free parachute.

While using the gas if you repeatedly tap the up arrow you will gain speed faster. The up arrow also has you lean forward on the bike and the down arrow has you lean back on the bike. Each time you see the progress meter move up takes about 4 loops on the runways , this stat increased by 2. Using a NRG on the runways it takes about 1. Cycling skill You can increase this stat by using bicycles.

Each time you see the progress meter move up takes about 1. Armor How much armor points you have. This is a number from so you have a more exact detail than looking at the white bar while you are playing. Grabbing an armor icon gives you armor points.

Once you've completed the Vigilante mission the armor will be points max and the armor icons are worth Gambling This is your gambling skill, which is figured from what you have spent at the casinos gambling at the Inside Track Betting doesn't count. The rankings not shown in the stat screen allows you to play at the more expensive tables, and 'borrow' more from the casino.

Pilot Ranking Is based on 'Flight Time', not your flying skill. I would think would equal 5 hours of game time or 5 minutes of real time. There are more rankings beyond this but I haven't tested these yet.

Number of hospital visits Number of times you have been wasted died. If you are dating Katie then you won't lose your ammo or money when you are wasted. Current number of girlfriends The current number of girlfriends you are currently dating. Number of girls dated The number of girlfriends you have dated during the game, including those that died or dumped you. There are 6 girlfriends to be found.

Number of successful dates The number of times you have gone on a date where the lady returned home happy about the date. Number of disastrous dates The number of times you have gone on a date where the lady returned home unhappy about the date or you abandoned her.

Number of times scored with a girl Number of times you have had 'coffee' with a girl. Until you collect all 50 oysters, each girl will require you to have a high enough progress with her before she will invite you in for coffee. Number of girls dumped Number of girls who have dumped you or has been killed. Collecting all oysters might eliminate this from happening. Number of meals eaten Number of meals you ate at a restaurant. Snacks, drinks and the food stands that are scattered around town are not counted.

Luck This adds some luck to your gambling. But don't expect it to be a 'win every time' advantage. You can increase this stat by collecting horseshoes in Las Venturas. Each horseshoe increases this stat by 20 stat maxes at Weapon Budget How much you have spent at Ammu-nation which is available during and after Doberman. Buying a car bomb is not included in this stat. Fashion Budget How much you have spent buying clothes, available during and after Nines and Ak's.

Property Budget How much you have spent buying safehouses and assets. You sometimes get a free re-spray, so this stat would not be increased on those visits. Paint jobs and color changes at the mod garages do not count in this stat. Tattoo budget How much you have spent on tattoos, available after Ryder. Hairdressing budget How much you have spent on haircuts, available during and after Ryder. Prostitute budget How much you spent on prostitutes.

Strip club budget How much you have spent at the strip clubs. There is no purpose to the strip clubs except to entertain you and waste your money, adding to this stat. Car modification budget How much you have spent at mod garages available during and after Cesar Vialpando. Food budget How much you spent on food at the restaurants available during and after the Ryder mission.

Money spent gambling Total amount of money you have wagered at Inside Track Betting and casinos. Money won gambling Total amount of money you have won not counting what you wagered at Inside Track Betting and casinos. Money lost gambling Money you have lost at the casinos. Biggest gambling win Largest amount of money you won with a single bet at Inside Track Betting and casinos.

Biggest gambling loss Largest amount of money you lost with a single bet at Inside Track Betting and casinos. Money made from burglary Total amount of money you have made from the burglary mission. Largest burglary swag Most money you've made from the burglary mission in one night. Another method which is faster for 'time spent playing' but requires more reloading is once you have the Jefferson safe house is to bet everything you have at the Inside Track Betting Downtown under Mulholland Intersection and save the game if you win, reload and try again if you lose.

You won't have any gambling losses with this method but is more of a pain driving back and forth to the safe house and the betting shop. Current weapon skill The weapon you currently have selected and the point value of your skill in it. Almost all guns have a skill level rifle and sniper rifle do not while melee weapons, items like spray cans, cameras and fire extinguishers and things like rocket launchers do not have skill levels.

There are three skill levels of Poor, Gangster, and Hitman. The points progress different for each weapon, but they all start at 0 and go as high as You reach hitman at or depending on the weapon and how many points it awards. Pistol Each 'hit' adds. Poor Gangster Hitman II. Silenced Pistol Each 'hit' adds 5 points to this skill hits needed to reach hitman. Desert Eagle Each 'hit' adds 3 points to this skill hits needed to reach hitman.

Shotgun According to the ar-stats file, each 'pellet' is worth 0. Because of pellets the amount of increase from each 'shot' will vary. Being way too close causes you to essentially shoot through the target and only get 1 point. Shooting too far away will only get you one or two points.

Basically, the more the vehicle moves, or the person is injured, the more pellets hit the target. Headshots, shooting tires and gas tanks isn't a good method for increasing shotgun skills because it only takes one pellet to accomplish the task. Sawn-off Shotgun According to the ar-stats file, each 'pellet' is worth 0. Combat Shotgun According to the ar-stats file, each 'pellet' is worth 0.

You won't be able to get any combat shotgun ammo without cheats until after Yay Ka-Boom-Boom, unless you want to brave the restricted area of Las Venturas. Machine Pistol and tec-9 Each 'hit' adds 0. SMG Each 'hit' adds 1. AK Each 'hit' adds 3 points to this skill hits needed to reach hitman. M4 Each 'hit' adds 2 points to this skill hits needed to reach hitman. Bullets fired The number of bullets you have fired from a gun. Remote explosives add 2 and car bombs add Bullets that hit The number of bullets that you have fired that have hit a valid target.

Sniper rifles don't count the hits, only shots fired, so a sniper rifle is not good if you want a high accuracy rate. Other notes about weapons: You can carry up to 10, ammo and if you pick up more the numbers won't show you how much you have anymore. Supposedly, if you collect enough then you will have infinite ammo. The game does keep track of ammo beyond that, up to 99,, so just because the numbers aren't showing, doesn't really mean you have infinite ammo.

I noticed that if I have a SMG then I can collect ammo from the machine pistols that gang members have dropped without having to switch to that weapon. The weapon won't vanish, still leaving you the choice to change to machine pistol if you wanted. Doesn't work for spawn locations. Best way to improve this is to use shotguns on a car that is inside a garage so you can just step back a little and let the door close to fix the car and prevent it from exploding so you won't accumulate wanted levels.

Number of houses burgled Total number of houses you have taken items from during the burglary mission. This is counted each time the items in a house are reset. When you go into house A and take an item, then go into house B, the items in house A are reset. So on the first night that you are doing the burglary mission you can look at this stat to see how many items you have taken if you keep alternating between two houses, taking one item from each house.

Number of police bribes Total number of bribes you have collected, which are the stars you can collect to erase one wanted level. If you have more than one wanted star then they count as evaded only if you use a Pay N Spray or changing your appearance like change your clothes, getting a tattoo or haircut.

If you have only one wanted level then getting rid of it in any fashion including grabbing a bribe, finishing or starting a mission, saving the game or just getting far enough away from police or waiting will count as it being evaded.

Times busted Number of times you have been arrested. Criminals wasted The number of criminals you have killed with a drive-by or while on foot. Criminals are the enemies in the Vigilante mission. There are also some normal looking pedestrians who are criminals. Criminals are the ones that the cops are usually chasing on foot the cops do sometimes chase other people if they were provoked. Criminals also will sometimes steal your car, but often end up running into something when they do.

There are several criminals according to the data files, but there is only three that I see quite often. One is a black guy with a purple striped shirt and wearing a gold chain. The other is white guy that looks like a biker and has a large serpent on the back of his leather jacket. The white guy is also sometimes a drug dealer very rarely, usually only after you've started a new game after quitting another.

Drug dealers and prostitutes are not counted as criminals. The data files also shows many people that are wearing hospital masks as being criminals, but I haven't seen them as pedestrians. The hospital mask people do appear in at least one mission, but aren't considered criminals then.

Gang members wasted Gang members you have killed while on foot or with a drive-by. Running them over doesn't count. This stat includes gang members of any gang, including your own not a good idea to kill your own gang members. So you could run over your own gang for their weapons and not be penalized. People wasted by others People that are killed that are not credited to CJ.

This includes suicides people falling off a bridge for example. People you've wasted People you have killed, whether on foot, with a drive-by or by running them over. If you jump off a bike and your bike kills someone you don't get credit for it. But if your car catches fire and you bail out you do get credit. Maybe it has something to do with 'road rage' the other guy was trying to ram me.

Road vehicles destroyed Vehicles that explode. Although a vehicle going into water makes them worthless, they are not counted as being destroyed. This is because theoretically if you can find a way to get the car out of the water, it is useable again.

Also, if you are shooting a car in a garage until it catches fire and then run away thus closing the door and preventing the explosion it still counts as being destroyed, or at least in most cases. Boats destroyed Boats that explode. You get 30 criminal rating points whenever this happens, even if you didn't cause it to explode. Cost of property damage The value of vehicles that are destroyed.

Damaged vehicles add a small amount to this. Tires popped with gunfire Tires on any vehicle that are shot by anybody. Number of headshots Number of people killed instantly by a shot to the head. Fires started Molotovs add 1 to this stat. Flame throwers can add to this stat quickly. Blowing up a plane can add about a half dozen to this. Kills since last checkpoint These are legitimate kills that you have committed since the last checkpoint.

If you get busted or wasted then this stat is deleted and you don't get credit for the kills as being legitimate they still count as 'people you've wasted'. If you reach the checkpoint safely then the numbers from this stat is deleted and added to the legitimate kills and you get points added to your criminal rating. Total legitimate kills Anyone you kill while on foot or with a drive-by. Running them over doesn't count, so you could run over your own gang members for their weapons and not be penalized.

If your car catches fire and assuming you bail out ok then when the car explodes, anyone caught in the blast is considered a legitimate kill if you are still on foot. Until then they are listed as 'Kills since last checkpoint'. Each legitimate kill is worth 1 criminal rating point. Least favorite gang The gang whose members you have killed the most. This could even be your own gang not a good idea.

The Mafia is never considered gang members anywhere in the stat screen. Territories taken over The number of territories that you have taken over during the gang wars. These become available after Doberman, then again towards the end of the game.

Territory under control The percent of territories that you and your gang control. This stat doesn't appear until you complete the House Party mission even though the gang wars could be available before or after this mission depending on the order that you complete the missions in.

Territories held The total number of territories that you and your gang control. Highest number of territories held The most territories that you and your gang controlled at one time. Gang members recruited The number of gang members you have recruited. You can only recruit Grove Street members by aiming at them and then pressing G hold H to dismiss them.

Recruited gang members killed The gang members you have recruited that were killed. Enemy gang members killed Any gang members not belonging to Grove Street Families that are killed by anyone. These are not counted if you are sitting in a vehicle or you run them over, unless they are killed by a drive-by.

Friendly gang members killed Grove Street Families gang members who are killed. Biggest gang The gang that controls the largest number of territories and how many territories they control. Progress with Denise The relationship progress you have with Denise, who you automatically start dating after Burning Desire you have to go on a first date with her to get this stat to show up. Progress with Michelle The relationship progress you have with Micelle, who is available to be dated after The Green Sabre.

Progress with Helena The relationship progress you have with Helena, who is available to be dated after The Green Sabre. Progress with Katie The relationship progress you have with Katie, who is available to be dated after The Green Sabre. Progress with Millie The relationship progress you have with Millie, who you automatically start dating after Key to Her Heart you may have to go on a first date with her to get this stat to show up.

Distance travelled on foot Distance travelled while on foot. Distance travelled by swimming Distance travelled while swimming. Diving straight down or up doesn't add much, if anything to this stat. Distance travelled by car Distance travelled using a four wheel vehicle except Caddy , Vortex, or train.

Distance travelled by motorbike Distance travelled with a motorized two wheel vehicle. Distance travelled by boat Distance travelled with a boat. Distance travelled by golf cart Distance travelled with a golf cart Caddy. Distance travelled by helicopter Distance travelled with a helicopter.

Distance travelled by plane Distance travelled with a plane. Distance travelled by treadmill Distance travelled on a treadmill in the gyms. Flight time Time you have spent flying a plane or helicopter. Time on jetpack Time spent using a jetpack. Longest treadmill time This is actually 'Total treadmill time'.

Time you've spent on a treadmill in the gyms. Distance travelled on exercise bike Distance travelled on an exercise bike in the gyms. Longest exercise bike time This is actually 'Total exercise bike time'. Time you've spent on an exercise bike in the gyms. Unique Jumps found There are 70 unique jumps to be found all around San Andreas. These jumps show you doing the jump in slow motion. Unique Jumps done To count the unique jumps as being completed you need to land in a certain area, sometimes on rooftops.

Press the up arrow repeatedly while using the gas to quickly gain speed as you are approaching a ramp to allow you to jump farther. Longest Wheelie distance Longest distance you covered while on only one wheel of a motorbike. Using a bike might be possible, but harder to get the distance that a motorbike can. Helps alot to have max bike skill. Longest Wheelie time Longest time you have spent while on only one wheel of a motorbike or bike.

Longest Stoppie distance Longest distance covered while being on the front wheel of a motorbike or bike. Longest Stoppie time Longest time spent while on the front wheel of a motorbike or bike. Longest 2 wheels distance Longest distance travelled while on only two wheels of a four wheel vehicle. Can be hard to do this because if the side of the car touches the ground then it is no longer considered to be on 2 wheels.

Longest 2 wheels time Longest time spent on only two wheels of a four wheel vehicle. Jumping a vehicle off a high cliff or building doesn't necessarily always add to the height, you need to find a high angled ramp so you get more height above where the ramp is. Each 3.

It is the number of times you have flipped the vehicle vertically end over end while in the air. Last chase time with 5 or more stars How long it has been since you last earned 5 or more wanted levels at one time. At the beginning of the game you are limited to 4 wanted levels. Longest chase time with 5 or more stars The longest time you survived while having 5 or more wanted levels at one time. Last dance score I wish this was 'highest' dance score instead of 'last'.

It does seem to effect what dances you have on dates at least if you have an incredibly low score. Furthest Hoop The longest shot you successfully made into the hoop with a basketball. Heaviest weight on bench press The most weight you lifted on the bench press at the gyms. You can lift from pounds. Heaviest weight on dumbbells The most weight you lifted on the dumbbells at the gyms. Tags sprayed The number of gang tags in Los Santos you have sprayed.

There are of them. Snapshots taken The number of snapshots you have taken of the icons in San Fierro. There are 50 of them. Oysters collected The number of oysters you have collected. Horseshoes collected The number of horseshoes you have collected in Las Venturas. Mission attempts How many times you have attempted a mission. Many optional missions can be played again without it being counted as an attempt, if it was counted as completed passed in the stats.

Missions passed Number of missions that you have completed. Highest Vigilante Mission level Highest level you have completed in the Vigilante mission. There is no known maximum level for this. Criminals killed on Vigilante Mission Number of criminals enemies you killed on the Vigilante mission. You earn 1 criminal rating points for each of these criminals plus one point for them being legitimate kills once you save the game and aren't busted or wasted.

Highest Firefighter Mission level Highest level you have completed in the Firefighting mission. Maximum level is You earn criminal rating points of 10X the highest level you reach points max II. Total fires extinguished Number of fires you extinguished during the Firefighting mission. You earn 1 criminal rating point for each fire extinguished. Highest Paramedic Mission level Highest level you have completed in the Paramedic mission.

People saved in an Ambulance Number of people you saved in an Ambulance during the Paramedic mission. You earn 1 criminal rating point for each person successfully returned to the hospital. Cash made in a Taxi Cash you made from fares during the Taxi mission.

Passengers dropped off Number of fares you completed in the Taxi mission. Number of Truck missions passed Number of Trucking missions you passed there are 8 total. Money made in Truck Money you earned from the Trucking missions.

Pimping level The highest pimping level you reached Max is Number of girls pimped Number of girls you have pimped taken to a customer. There is 2 each time you play the mission. Money made from pimping Money you made during the pimping mission. This does not count the money dropped from cheapskates. They do drop a few hundred dollars, but it isn't as much as if they had not been a cheapskate. Time taken to Complete Quarry Time it took you to complete all 7 levels of Quarry.

Photographs Taken Number of pictures you took with a camera. Best position in 8-Track Best position you finished with in 8-track. Best time in 8-Track Fastest time you finished with in 8-track. Best lap time in 8-Track Fastest time you completed a lap in 8-track. Best position in dirt track Best position you finished with in dirt track. Best time in dirt track Fastest time you finished with in dirt track.

Best lap time in dirt track Fastest time you completed a lap in dirt track. Shooting range levels passed Number of levels you passed in the shooting challenges available in some Ammu-Nations. There is 12 levels, but not all of them are available right away. Most cars parked on 'Valet Parking' Number of cars you parked during the Valet mission Total time in bloodring Record for most time accumulated in the Bloodring mission.

Number of 'Bloodring' kills Number of kills that you or your passenger killed during the Bloodring mission. Kickstart best score Highest score you got for collecting the coronas in Kickstart. Highest basketball score Highest basketball score you got in the basketball challenge. It is also available during the street races. See V.

Street and Air Races II. Best position in Little Loop This race is available during the street races. Best time in Little Loop This race is available during the street races. Best position in Backroad Wanderer This race is available during the street races. Best time in Backroad Wanderer This race is available during the street races.

Best position in City Circuit This race is available during the street races. Best time in City Circuit This race is available during the street races. Best position in Vinewood This race is available during the street races.

Best time in Vinewood This race is available during the street races. Best position in Freeway This race is available during the street races. Best time in Freeway This race is available during the street races. Best position in Into the Country This race is available during the street races. Best time in Into the Country This race is available during the street races. This race is also available during the street races. This race is available during the street races.

Best position in Dirtbike Danger This race is available during the street races. Best time in Dirtbike Danger This race is available during the street races. Best position in Bandito County This race is available during the street races.

Best time in Bandito County This race is available during the street races. Best position in Go-Go-Kart This race is available during the street races. Best time in Go-Go-Kart This race is available during the street races. Best position in San Fierro Fastlane This race is available during the street races. Best time in San Fierro Fastlane This race is available during the street races.

Best position in San Fierro Hills This race is available during the street races. Best time in San Fierro Hills This race is available during the street races. Best position in Country Endurance This race is available during the street races. Best time in Country Endurance This race is available during the street races. Best position in Dam Rider This race is available during the street races.

Best time in Dam Rider This race is available during the street races. Best position in Desert Tricks This race is available during the street races. Best time in Desert Tricks This race is available during the street races. Best position in LV Ringroad This race is available during the street races. Best time in LV Ringroad This race is available during the air races. Best time in World War Aces This race is available during the air races. Best time in Barnstorming This race is available during the air races.

Best time in Military Service This race is available during the air races. Best time in Chopper Checkpoint This race is available during the air races. Best time in Whirly Bird Waypoint This race is available during the air races.

Best time in Heli Hell This race is available during the air races. Each mission, race, safehouse bought, etc. There is a total of objectives. Playing time Real time spent playing the game. Days passed in game Number of days that has passed for CJ. This is figured at midnight everyday. Safehouse visits The number of times you have saved the game.

Times cheated Number of times you have entered a cheat code. Re-entering a code to deactivate it is considered entering another cheat. You lose 10 criminal rating points every time you 'cheat'. Vehicle resprays Number of times you have visited the Pay n' Spray. Most favorite radio station The station that you have most recently listened to for longer than a minute. Least favorite radio station The station that has gone the longest time since you've listened to it for longer than a minute.

Times visited the gym Number of times you have entered an indoor gym. So I will only indicate when I know they really are considered gang members, criminals, or cops that will increase your stats. Sometimes the missions can't be officially completed in the stats, while other times a mission might count as 1 mission attempt, but 2 missions complete probably to make up for the 'failed' missions that added an attempt earlier.

In the 'benefits' of each mission when I say something is 'unrestricted' that means that you can now access them without braving the restricted areas that normally earn you several wanted levels. These things can be done at the start of the game if you are able to dodge the wanted levels. I know I need to get more information on the missions late in the game, but it was getting to be boring doing this and I just wanted to rush through the game.

I started to keep track of the respect earned for each mission, but gave up on it because: 1. Sometimes because of rounding the numbers were off by 0. If the numbers on that site are correct then my other numbers are off. I would just like to know more exactly how much one point is worth and if the 'points' for respect earned from missions are the same as the 'points' for respect in other things like appearance, killing gang members, etc.

There are some vehicles that appear during missions that are fire-proof, bullet- proof, explosion-proof, damage-proof, or everything-proof though they can still be destroyed if rolled over, going into water, etc. He gets in a Taxi to get to his mom's Beverly house in Ganton, Los Santos and then attend his mom's funeral. When he is a block from his house, officers Tenpenny, Pulaski and Hernandez pull him over and are going to frame him for murdering another cop, Pendlebury unless he does what they want him to.

They drop him off in an alley in Jefferson which is in the heart of 'Rollin Heights Ballas country'. It is on a Wednesday and CJ needs to get to his house. There is a BMX in the alley he can use. CJ's house is not accessible at this point, but you can save the game if you earn enough money to buy a safehouse. The garage at CJ's house is still accessible and the only garage you have right now unless you buy a safehouse or brave the restricted areas for the garage in Doherty.

You could swim around the map because swimming, as long as your feet don't touch the bottom, doesn't trigger the wanted levels. One exception to an area that is off-limits even to swimming is the naval base in Easter Basin. You can circle the perimeter of the map on boat if you are a ways from the shore off the map.

There are a few very small sections of land in restricted areas you can enter, but nothing exciting in these spots. Bayside Marina is accessible, but is a little tricky to get to. You need to circle the outside of the map and come at it under the Gant Bridge. A helicopter is here and a unique 'gift' for girlfriends, but that is about it for right now.

As of right now your current position, CJ where you need to go to start the next mission , Property for sale safehouses , Property not for sale, Pay N Sprays, and races are indicated on the map. Player Target will appear if you right click on the map, which serves as a marker to help you head in the right direction that you want to go to. If you need food for some reason right now you will need to find a vending machine or food stand because they are your only source of food for right now.

There are a few other buildings you can enter, but most of these are places where future missions will take place. One exciting place is the tallest building downtown, which is shaped like a circle on the map. Enter it and you will go to the roof where there is a parachute you can use to jump off the building and this is one place where you can bring a bike or motorcycle to the roof and use them bicycles are dangerous because you are more likely to fall off it when you land and die.

Ryder's Picador, Sweet's Glendale, and a BMX across the street from CJ's should be accessible most of the time, but usually aren't there after you've just loaded a save cars don't appear close to where you spawn. There are many vehicles that will be available all or most of the time around the map. Some of them are fixed so that the same vehicle will appear there, and some locations are 'random spawns' meaning that a vehicle should be there, but what type of vehicle it is will be random.

Then they go to the cemetery in Vinewood and meet Sweet, Ryder and Kendl. Kendl leaves in a fit, going to see Cesar. Big Smoke's black Perrenial gets blown up as everyone leaves the cemetery and then they cross the street into Temple to get on their bikes. A pink Ballas Voodoo will soon chase you, with one Ballas guy driving and the other shooting at you.

It usually wants to be on your left to shoot at you, so go just to the right of obstacles like buildings and poles to make it run into things. You will travel through Temple and Downtown Los Santos before reaching a big parking lot under the Mulholland Intersection.

Sweet goes in another direction to distract the Ballas, so you follow Ryder and Smoke to Glen Park and then after you enter Idlewood the Voodoo will chase you again until you reach Ganton. Bug: When you get to the half-way point in the huge parking lot, Sweet splits off and goes another direction to distract the Ballas.

Instead of following Ryder and Big Smoke, go in the direction you saw Sweet go straight south. There will be two Ballas standing at the edge of the parking lot. They are stuck in place but can still shoot. Run them over with your bike or kill them any way you want and the Voodoo will no longer chase you when you pass the skate park.

But it will take the place of paint if you have any, which you will need to spray the gang tags in a future mission and later to spray all gang tags. Ryder Mission available R on map. Get a phone call from Sweet. But you can't find these gangs, as everyone in green is considered Grove Street. You must get a haircut to advance to the restaurant Pizza Stack and then must buy some food to advance the plot. If you spent all your money getting a haircut you will have to go kill some people for their money or jack a taxi so you have money for the food.

After you are done ordering food, Ryder will attempt to rob the place, but is foiled by the pizza guy, who will then take shots at you after you've left the place. Get back in Ryder's car and drive back to Ganton before the pizza guy kills you or destroys Ryder's car. Old Reese still has it crackin'". Any other haircut and he will say "I told he was crazy. You're jacked up. Bug: Not all the sex appeal stats will be correct when getting a haircut during this mission. They will all be correct when you go back and get a haircut after the mission.

Fire extinguishers 'ammo' are available in the Pizza Stacks and Burger Shots until you complete the firefighting mission. Fire extinguishers take the place of camera and paint, so you probably won't want these for right now. Sweet missions available S on map. Bug: Sometimes if you've started a new game right after quitting another game, the fire extinguishers will fail to appear in the Pizza Stacks and Burger Shots.

They will still appear near the gas stations, though. You drive Sweet in his Greenwood to Idlewood to spray 3 tags he sprays the first one to show you how it is done then to East Los Santos to spray 3 more. These will be indicated by green blips or 'destination' on the map.

If the blip is pointing up then it means that the tag or destination is above where you are, and if down it is below where you are. If it is square then it should be at about the same level as you are. If a cop is nearby when you spray the paint you could earn a wanted level. In East Los Santos you will be introduced to the Ballas in an alley. Either spray them in the face with the paint, kill them, or just try to spray the tag quick and run from them.

You could theoretically use the practically unlimited spray paint to go and find all tags and complete them all before spraying the last one that Sweet wanted you to spray. This would save you from having to collect the paint yourself, but that isn't much of a problem. You can use paint to distract someone by spraying them in the face and if used long enough you can kill people with it, but it's a pretty slow process. Basketball is now available. Get a phone call from Officer Hernandez with a message from Tenpenny warning you not to leave town he is referring to the restricted areas.

Another Sweet mission available. So you first head off to B Dup's Crib in Ganton. Then you find a crack dealer to beat up. You don't have to get the bat if you want to keep a melee weapon you already have. You could run around in the crack house letting Ryder kill all the people or have the enemies accidentally be hitting each other , but it's best just to kill most of them yourself. The people all doped out and not fighting don't count as kills.

After getting your food some Kilo Tray Ballas drive by in a Voodoo and you realize that they are heading to your hood to do a drive-by, so you are going to try and stop them. Just try to run into the back quarter panel of their car with yours to force them to spin out PIT manuever or into things so your buddies can shoot them up, and spinning them out makes them take longer to reach your hood.

You should still pull away from the Ballas Voodoo when it catches fire because the blast from the explosion still causes damage to your car. Then run over, shoot them yourself, or pull up to the survivors and let your buddies kill them. Bug: When the Ballas in the Voodoo are shooting, other Ballas on foot nearby may sometimes shoot at them they should be shooting at Grove Street gangs.

This can happen in other missions as well. Stat sheet keeps track of visits to the gym, but these don't count as mission attempts. You must defeat an opponent to learn the moves and then if you want to, you can fight the teacher. Both count as kills. If you lose you are wasted. You will automatically be given a pistol 30, so you will lose your silent pistol or desert eagle if you had them. The Tampa that you blow up is everything proof before you are told to shoot the gas tank.

After the shooting you will have 60 bullets of pistol added to your inventory of pistols you had before you were given the 'unlimited' one. After dropping off Smoke, Sweet will call and tell you to go to Binco's. You don't really need to buy anything, just go in the store and walk out.

Clothing stores available Binco's, Sub-urban, Pro-Laps and appear on the map. Big Smoke missions now available. You can help shoot if you want, but I usually just try to run some of them over to finish this mission faster. The gang members do count as gang members killed. You will have a two star wanted level at the end and then must use the Pay N Spray bribes won't work. The game suggests you go to Emmet's if you need ammo, but you don't need to go there if you already have some.

I usually try and run some of the enemies over to finish the mission faster. You then need to get a four door vehicle to drive Sweet and his girlfriend home, while being chased by two enemy Sentinels. You don't actually have to buy any mods for the Savanna you get, but you still need to back into the garage. Once you get to the competition in Unity Station use the number pad 2,4,6,8 instead of the arrow keys like you use in dancing.

Cesar mission available. Mod garages Loco Low Co. Each garage will only work on certain cars. Lowrider challenge is now available by meeting a guy outside Unity Station. Don't try and talk to the guy before answering Cesar's call or the game might crash.

If the guy disappears, just leave the area or save the game and he will reappear. Get a call from Sweet if you already finished the Burning Desire mission, and if you get this call another Sweet mission is available. You have to steal at least 3 crates before daylight, so start the mission as early as you can. Use the C key to crouch faster than walking and get to the crate , press enter or f to pick it up, then use the alt key to walk out the door so you don't make noise.

LB is referred to during this mission and other Ryder missions, but you never meet him, so I can't say much about him. If you wake the resident you will have a two star wanted rating but still be able to take the stuff you already stole to the lock up if you grabbed at least 3 boxes you'll first need to get to a Pay N Spray to clear the wanted levels. If you had failed to grab 3 boxes then Ryder will take off without you "Hey Ryder, where did you go, man".

There doesn't seem to be any difference if you take 3 boxes or all 6. Two of the boxes are on the first floor one in the room you start in, one in the room to the right and four of the boxes are upstairs one at the top of the stairs, one at the end of the hall, and two in the colonel's bedroom. Once you have three boxes, or all six you will drive the Boxville to the lock up in Playa del Seville. The game then explains a bit about burglary side missions, but they are available even before this mission.

Need to get in a Boxville that is black, just like the one you used and it must be between and The blue apartment buildings in Ganton shown in the cut-scene is where you can find one. See: VI. None of the gang members count as gang members good or bad. The game only subtracts the number of crates when Ryder catches them so you don't need to worry too much about accuracy.

Just get 10 crates to Ryder in a minute and a half. You will have a three-star wanted rating and must use the Pay n' Spray. Bug: If you stall a bit getting the last crate to Ryder until you get into the tunnel then there won't be any cops to worry about. Jump over the wall and shoot the soldiers.

You can shoot the keypad of the warehouse and position the crates before shooting the keypad by the gate to let Ryder in. This makes it quicker to load them and then just get out of the Forklift a couple times and help Ryder out when he is in trouble. If you stand in front of where Ryder will park the van he might say "Quit trying to kill yourself under the van" or "Get the hell out of the way!

Use the 8 and 2 keys on the number pad to raise or lower the forks. After stealing the crates you will be chased by some Patriots and can honk your horn to signal Ryder to throw the crates out, hopefully making the Patriots explode. You need to get the van to Emmet's in Willowfield. What I do is take a right at the bottom of the bridge after going over the it , as soon as I can turn before the intersection.

This usually causes the Patriots to roll over as they try to turn sharply, thus taking themselves out of the chase. Then I go in between the buildings to the other street which is like a short-cut to Emmet's. When the mission is complete it should still be around if you want it for some reason, as it keeps the explosion proof abilities but not the extra health when you save it in the garage.

I wouldn't bother with it because you will also have the problem of it being damaged as you try to pull it out of the garage it's too tall and the other problem is if you get two trucks in the Ganton garage you won't be able to get them out, making the garage useless unless you place satchel charges back behind the garage and blast the trucks out.

There are better vehicles available that are not only explosion proof, but are also bullet, fire and damage proof. You will race 5 other cars and must get first place to finish the mission. What I find easy to do is to drive on the sidewalks or on the wrong side of the road so that I don't need to deal with the opponents bumping into me.

I let go of the gas to give them a second or two headstart at the start then go around them on the right. I also let go of the gas while turning. Cesar's car is everything proof. Just wait at the finish line for him then hit his car so that he comes out and then kill him. Push his car to a garage and you get the everything-proof car. Funny thing is that you can kill him, but he lives to see another day as you will see in future missions. Many of the other cars also have some special abilities.

Is one of the requirements for Reuniting the Families. After Freddy makes a run for it you'll be on a PCJ and must chase him down so Jeffrey can shoot at him. If you don't have any, you will be given 78 Tec-9 ammo. While Freddy is parked at the entrance of the alley, his PCJ is everything proof, so you can't use a sniper rifle or RPG to finish him off too quickly. It helps make the mission easier if you can help in the shooting.

Otherwise, just follow him while trying not to crash into things. He stops at a few places allowing you time to catch up. He eventually stops for good in East Los Santos, with a few of his buddies as back up. No matter where you kill him, after the cut-scene which is always in East Los Santos the bike disappears most of the time so you'll have to jack another vehicle to give OG Loc a ride to the Burger Shot in Marina.

Another Big Smoke mission available. Big Smoke picks a fight and then have to run down a Vagos gang member on foot. It's easier if you find ways where you won't have to jump over the fences so you can catch up to him faster. Having already completed the burglary vehicle mission makes this easier infinite sprint.

The enemy carries a gun, but doesn't use it, so it is possible to kill him with your fists. Two of his buddies appear during the chase, but they stay in one spot, so it's up to you if you want to run past them or kill them.

Bug: I did have a glitch where the enemy disappeared and automatically appeared a block away after I knocked him down. Get on the Sanchez and chase the guys on the train, letting Big Smoke shoot at them. If you are too close to the train, Smoke can't hit them, so spend most of the time on the right side of the other tracks.

If you have a hard time beating this, then get off the bike after the turn in the tracks and get on the roofs or bridge on your left, then jump on the train as it goes by and quickly shoot them yourself. There are other places to get on the train, too. A Sanchez without the special abilities should be left parked next to Big Smoke's house you can use to drive back to your house and save the game. There is an armor in the building on the first floor that is always there. When you leave the building there will be more Russians to kill then Smoke will get on a BF and you will have to shoot the guys chasing you.

The guys on bikes aren't counted as kills but you want to kill them quickly anyways because they are your biggest threat. The BF is bullet proof, explosion proof and damage proof. The Packer seems to be at least bullet proof, so don't bother shooting at it.

Just keep selecting 'Y' to get the dancing started. Use the arrow keys for the dancing. Need to score or more dancing. Then press Y and hop in the Pony and drive off with it and take it to a garage in Commerce. Some of the beach party people will try and chase you, but they shouldn't be too much of a problem as it takes them awhile to get into their cars. If you want to read more about how to use the exploit to win big early in the game, check out IGN's Horse Betting Guide. If CJ manages to max out weapon skills on his smaller guns, he'll be able to carry two with him into battle.

It means you can deal a lot of damage very quickly, especially if you're carrying two sawn-off shotguns or sub-machine guns. Not only is carrying two guns a lot of fun, but it's also a good skill to have when fighting through waves of foes. If you want to max any weapon skill fast, there's a quick method to help you bump it up. All you'll need is a car and a safe house with a garage, preferably somewhere where you won't run into too many cops on the road.

Park the car side-on in the garage and pull out the weapon you want to improve your weapon skill with. Make sure you have a lot of ammunition, because this will take a lot of bullets. Now, move close enough to the garage that the door remains open and fire at the car until it catches fire.

While it's alight, back up so the garage door closes. As soon as it's closed, get the door open again and the car should be fixed. Repeat this cycle and your desired weapon skill should bump up quickly. Head to the gym to learn some new moves. Although the game never officially clues you in on this, the trainer in each gym will give you three different abilities if your Muscle stat is high enough.

These are a running attack, a combo and a ground attack. Once you've packed on the Muscle, you'll have to fight the trainer to unlock the special abilities. Cycle as Much as Possible Rockstar never overtly reveals it, but a good strategy for boosting Muscle and Stamina fast is to use bicycles frequently while traversing San Andreas.

Although running will add to your Stamina and Muscle, cycling will enhance both stats faster and CJ won't have to stop to rest, making it a great way to up your physical stats on the go. Whether it's standard guns like 9MM pistols, TEC-9's and pump-action shotguns or powerful special weapons such as miniguns, flamethrowers and heat-seeking missile launchers, you can lock down some useful spawns if you explore the map. Once you've taken the weapon, they'll eventually respawn in that same spot, so you should definitely make a habit of returning to areas with strong weapons when you need something to defend yourself.

Here's also a list of convenient spawns you can head to if you're looking to grab some firepower ASAP: advertisement Los Santos - You'll find a 9mm pistol in Grove Street, just behind the two houses to the left of Sweet's house. Head through the gap between the two buildings to find the gun. Climb onto the roof of the house to the left of CJ's home and jump across to Sweet's roof to grab it.

Head to the warehouse CJ has to fight his way through during the C. H mission Gray Imports. For those that haven't completed the level or can't remember where it's located, it's the Ocean Docks warehouse closest to the airport. You should find the body armour in an office accessed via a flight of red stairs to the left-hand side of the building. After grabbing it, head through the open doorway into the warehouse and look underneath the stairs leading down.

The AK should be there waiting. Head to the Pig Pen strip club and look on its roof. If you're having trouble finding it, keep an eye out for the club's vivid pink colour scheme and a large sign. San Fierro - There's a pump-action shotgun to be grabbed in Doherty.

Stand in front of CJ's auto shop. You should be able to see two giant chimneys behind the freeway in the distance. These belong to the nearby Solar Industries plant. Drive around to the plant's entrance and head over to the set of buildings on the left. You should find the shotgun besides two white silos. Head into the construction site behind the garage and towards the ruined building on the left-hand side. Amongst the rubble on the bottom floor, you'll find the flamethrower.

Head behind the eccentric pimp's base of operations and walk to the large bridge pillar closest to the building. Behind it will be the TEC San Fierro - Alongside the shotgun and flamethrower, you can snag some body armour in Doherty. From CJ's auto-shop, get in a car and drive straight forwards, moving past the railway station and down the hill behind it. You should see a big building in front of you. Head to the left-hand side of it and the body armour will be there waiting.

When in front of the Four Dragons casino, head straight and then behind the giant castle in front of you. There should be a secret passage at the rear that leads to the SMG. Look for an intersection with a billboard next to it. Beneath the intersection's bridge, you'll find a shotgun. Head to the location and look in the centre to find the gun nestled in amongst some trees.

If you're heading through Las Venturas in a helicopter, simply land on top of the casino to net yourself the sniper.

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GTA San Andreas : How to win the horse races. inside track betting gta san andreas ios social club

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Making Big Money At The Horse Races advertisement First, save your game in whichever property you own that's closest to the Mulholland Intersection, then head to the location. For those who can't find the area on the map, it's at the very top of Los Santos in the centre. Beneath the giant intersection is the entrance to Inside Track: a betting venue that lets you gamble money on horse races. Loading Play Betting money on horses is a difficult mini-game to win in San Andreas. There are five horses, each with a random chance to win, so the odds that CJ will get his money back are low.

Luckily, your save game means you won't lose a single cent. Head into Inside Track and put down the max amount of cash on any horse. Due to this, paired with the betting odds on each horse, the player should always bet on the teal horse. Also, at the end of the race, if two or more horses tie for a position, the win automatically goes to the horse with the better odds to win Blue then Red then Yellow and so on.

A simple way to ensure the player never loses money is to save before betting, so they can just reload the save game if anything goes wrong. With gambling all their money in one go, the player can earn a large amount of money if succeeding. The player should bet on the same horse every time. Statistically, this horse will eventually win, and should not take more than around five attempts.

After winning, save the game again and repeat the process if required. The results can become extremely frustrating, especially if the player's horse jetted off the starting line and then slowed down. Do not let this change your mind though, because the chances are the color of horse the player bet on will win if they continue betting. This way, the player can win the most amount of cash if succeeded. Catalina's Hideout works just as fine. Since a Buffalo spawns right beside the spawn point, anyone should be able to to make a left turn, drive straight into town, and stop right in front of the betting shop within 20 seconds.

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Against All Odds - GTA: San Andreas Mission #39

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