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better workplaces tasmania map

The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations works to ensure Australians Find out more about Local Jobs and Skills Taskforces. Please visit the Coronavirus Tasmania website for all information on travel to Tasmania, Better and More Accessible Community Care. Improved work relations and staff morale. Measuring success and reporting. Measure and report on the success of your. Healthy Workplaces activity. This can be. TD DIRECT INVESTING INTERNATIONAL LU

There are plenty of models available and many organisations are happy to share the procedures they have developed. Most important elements The most important elements of a grievance procedure are: Timely responses — complaints should be dealt with as soon as they are received; Sensitivity — ensure both parties feelings are respected throughout the process; Fairness and impartiality — both parties must be afforded substantive and procedural fairness in any investigation.

Both sides of the story must be heard. An external investigator can be contracted to undertake the investigation to ensure a fair process; Confidentiality — only parties directly involved in the investigation of the complaint or those involved in making decisions about outcomes should have access to information about the grievance; Allow for appeals — a review by someone who did not handle the investigation should be provided; and Victimisation - Ensure all parties are aware that victimisation against anyone involved in the complaint will not be tolerated and is against the law.

An organisation that has grievance procedures in place has a better chance of a happier, healthier workforce than an organisation that doesn't. Employers Employers should make an effort to: circulate policies and related information widely and in accessible formats and appropriate languages; incorporate grievance procedures which are accessible to all staff; develop educational programs training, leaflets, posters, flyers etc for all staff about their rights and responsibilities; provide information and support for potential complainants to effect early resolution and positive outcomes; and review policies and procedures on a regular basis.

External grievance options If internal grievance procedures fail or the complainant is not happy with the outcome they should be advised of their external grievance options. When alcohol is provided, employees and managers are jointly involved in encouraging responsible consumption. For example: Working together to develop ideas for responsible alcohol consumption Ensuring staff inductions include information on how appropriate alcohol consumption is being encouraged and promoted Identifying ways to address the factors that influence inappropriate alcohol use in the workplace.

When providing alcohol, the workplace provides a positive work environment that promotes responsible consumption. For example: The workplace culture does not encourage drinking above the recommended number of standard drinks All levels of management and employees support the responsible consumption of alcohol and actively model appropriate behaviours The workplace avoids encouraging consumption as part of events, celebrations, awards, gifts, fundraising etc.

Physical work environment The physical workplace environment promotes responsible alcohol consumption The workplace addresses the physical environment where it can influence harmful alcohol consumption. Actions Safety measures are implemented at workplace events functions and work meetings including meetings with clients in regard to alcohol provision.

For example: Food and drink provision e. Personal health resources Resources, information and opportunities are provided to increase knowledge and skills for responsible alcohol consumption. Relevant information about responsible alcohol consumption e. Local support services are promoted to employees and their families, and they are encouraged to access these services. Opportunities for education and skill development to promote responsible alcohol consumption are provided for employees, where possible.

For example: What is considered harmful alcohol consumption and the effects of alcohol on health, safety and work performance, and how to manage alcohol consumption Manager specific training, such as how to identify inappropriate alcohol use and how to manage alcohol issues in the workplace. Community connections The workplace engages with the wider community to support responsible alcohol consumption Promote participation in sporting organisations that are Good Sports accredited goodsports.

The organisation does not engage in sponsorship, marketing or advertising of food and drinks that are inconsistent with the Healthy Food Charter. The workplace and workforce participate in awareness raising events consistent with policies to support responsible alcohol consumption.

For example, Febfast febfast. When external venues and catering organisations provide food and drink for functions outside the workplace, they are encouraged to align with the workplace alcohol policy. Taking action to prevent harm from other drugs is, over time, shifting from a limited response which focuses on the identification and referral to treatment of impaired or drug dependent workers, to a broader primary prevention approach.

Examples of workplace action to address other drug use may include: Education and training, e. Policies should be consistent with and reference other related workplace policies e. Occupational Health and Safety and relevant legislation. What is the specific legislation for the workplace industry in relation to alcohol and other drug consumption? The onus is on the workplace to be aware of and consider this when taking action.

Who will provide oversight of the program? What problems can occur and how can they be mitigated? How will you support the workplaces involved? What support does your group need? This may include: Existing evidence-based activities Training and upskilling opportunities for workplaces, such as training on how to manage alcohol and other drug issues in the workplace Expert guest speakers, sourced from local networks or peak bodies Evidence-based information Local health care services such as providers of support, treatment and counselling services, e.

LDATs should not deliver activities unless the organisations in their team have the appropriate expertise. Supporting workplaces with communication Support workplaces with communication by: Helping them to develop a communication strategy to engage all staff, as workplace AOD strategies are more effective if strategies are developed and implemented in consultation with staff Supporting the delivery of the selected Healthy Workplaces activity, such as developing promotional materials and promoting activities.

Communication around AOD harms and related workplace activity is important, and if done poorly, may lead to people being misinformed or contribute to poor workplace morale. LDATs can overcome this by reframing strategies as an employee and organisational wellbeing program that aims to create a workplace culture of health and wellness that benefits all. In addition to framing alcohol and drug strategies with a health and wellbeing focus, communicating the purpose and benefits of activities is also important and can have a significant impact on workplace engagement and support.

Benefits of taking action to create healthy workplaces include: Improved health and wellbeing of employees Safer working environment with decreased accidents, injuries and fatalities A workplace culture that promotes safe and responsible alcohol use and minimises alcohol-related harm Compliance with workplace health and safety WHS and related legislation, such as specific legislation around mine safety Increased staff performance and productivity Reduced absenteeism Decreased staff turnover and early retirement Reduced operating, reputational and indirect costs Improved work relations and staff morale.

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