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drip investing resource

The best thing about DRIP investing is that it's a powerful tool that helps you to automate investing. Since the wealth and income compounding power of the. Computershare Investor Services acts as transfer agent and registrar for Boeing shareholders. Computershare Investor Services also distributes dividends to. A Message Board for people to meet and discuss DRiP-related topics. Info / Tools / Forms: Information, spreadsheets and databases specifically for the dividend. JOE ATKINS FOREX

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Dollar-cost averaging involves the recurring purchase of an investment, rather than investing in one lump sum. Purchasing additional shares at regular intervals can help lower your total average purchase price.

Immediate reinvestment: Because the dividends are automatically reinvested into additional shares, DRIPs can reduce the chance that you leave the cash sitting uninvested if you forget to manually do it. Cash left uninvested in an account can reduce returns over time. Lower commissions: If you have a DRIP set up through a brokerage firm, the firm may eliminate the commission on most reinvested dividends.

This will mean more of your cash is invested into additional shares. However, not all brokerage firms provide DRIPs without commission, so make sure to check yours. I remember going to their office in Annapolis twice to make purchases. Now purchasing through them is free. Automatically reinvest dividends It happens regularly, where I get an email from Ally letting me know that I have received a dividend. It is a real pleasure to log into my account to see how many additional shares have been purchased automatically and added to my account.

This is a more recent innovation that has, in my opinion, nailed shut the coffin of dividend reinvestment programs. For many years one needed to manually purchase whole shares only after accumulating enough cash through dividends. One advantage of DRiPs was that the program did this automatically, and purchases were made for whole and fractional shares. Now that discount brokers offer the same ability, this advantage previously unique to DRiPs is now common. But Will It Last? I asked myself this question when I first became aware that brokers offered everything the traditional DRiP offered.

After all, I had seen the coming and going of companies like BuyAndHold. Zecco is another broker that initially offered free stock purchases, then decided to charge. I am with Ally because I originally created an account with Zecco to get free trades, and Ally acquired Zecco, which eventually decided to go fee-free.

Things change over time. Small companies may attempt to build a business model on innovation, but oftentimes that model is either flawed or does not offer enough of a revenue stream to continue. Sometimes companies are just too early with their ideas. However, when the big boys make a change, like going fee-free, it becomes the standard, and I do not expect this to be changed any time soon.

That is a true barrier to entry. Long ago, I wrote a series of articles that explained how to get a share, making entry into the program possible. To the uninitiated, purchasing shares through a broker does not make one an actual shareholder. When you purchase through a broker, the broker owns the share for you.

The broker is the actual owner of the share. If you want to become the actual shareholder, you need to request that a physical certificate be sent to you. Once obtained, you are the legal shareholder and become eligible to participate in the dividend reinvestment program. For years at DRiPInvesting. I have mentioned them many times and long ago used their service. However, now they are sending people to Temper of the Times , which I believe to be a spinoff of the company.

I did not have the patience to read through all of the text on their website to figure out the actual cost of getting enrolled in the DRiP, so if you are interested, then have at it. Canadians do not have as easy a time of this as we do in the United States. For this reason, I created a Share Exchange message board that was for their exclusive use, where participants could offer shares to other participants. If you use it, then do so at your own risk.

I will be moving them over to Ally at some point soon. There is no major advantage to do so, besides the fact that instead of getting quarterly reports, I am now receiving yearly reports. Unless I log into Computershare's system, this information will be a mystery to me until January of next year, when they will send me the information for my taxes. Not being one to worry or stress over the exact amount of shares I own, it is not a major issue. I do not have plans to sell and will almost certainly hold onto the shares for a long time, allowing them to accumulate over that time.

On the one hand, it would be a bit more convenient to see all of my equities in one place. On the other, according to Dividend Growth Investor , a Fidelity study showed their best performing investors to have been those who did nothing with their accounts.

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The Power of Dividend Investing - The Snowball Effect

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