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We almost lasted 10 minutes into Sherlock Holmes 2. I don't even get out of bed for less than ActewAGL should be ashamed. In such ontology, definitions associate the names of entities in the universe of discourse e. Formally, ontology is the statement of a logical theory.

The subject of ontology is the study of the categories of things that exist or may exist in some domain. The product of such a study, called ontology, is a catalog of the types of things that are assumed to exist in a domain of interest D from the perspective of a person who uses a language L for the purpose of talking about D. The types in the ontology represent the predicates, word senses, or concept and relation types of the language L when used to discuss topics in the domain D.

A Predicate is an attribute or link whose result represents the truth or falsehood of some condition. System component in the Information Agent semantic browser of the present invention that handles the aggregation and presentation of results from the semantic query processor that preferably interprets SQML. The Presenter handles layout management, aggregation, navigation, Skin management, the presentation of Context Palettes, interactivity, animations, etc.

Resource Description Framework RDF is a foundation for processing metadata; it provides interoperability between applications that exchange machine-understandable information on the Web. RDF emphasizes facilities to enable automated processing of Web resources. RDF defines a simple model for describing relationships among resources in terms of named properties and values.

RDF properties may be thought of as attributes of resources and in this sense correspond to traditional attribute-value pairs. RDF properties also represent relationships between resources. As such, the RDF data model can therefore resemble an entity-relationship diagram.

Acronym for RDF Schema. Resource description communities require the ability to say certain things about certain kinds of resources. The declaration of these properties attributes and their corresponding semantics are defined in the context of RDF as an RDF schema. A schema defines not only the properties of the resource e.

Trademarked name for the graphical display area within the Information Agent semantic browser that displays results of an SQML query. Connotative meaning. This refers to all the data stored on users' local machines, in addition to user-specific data on an Agency server e. Client-side state includes favorite and recent Agents and authentication and authorization information e.

For example, users may configure the Information Agent to store Agents for two weeks. In this case, Agents older than two weeks are automatically purged from the system and the Semantic Environment is adjusted accordingly. Trademarked name for a software component that manages all the local state for the Semantic Environment in the Information Agent.

This includes storing and managing the metadata for all the client-side Agents and the history and favorites Agent sub-lists , per-Agent state e. Trademarked name for a software component on the KIS that employs a database e. Semantic Network. System and method of linking objects associated with schemas together in a semantic way via the database tables on the Semantic Metadata Store. Trademarked name for a software component that runs on an Agency of the present invention that is tasked with maintaining the integrity and consistency of the Semantic Network.

Semantic Queries. Queries that incorporate meaning, context, time-sensitivity, context-templates, and richness that approach natural language. Much more powerful than simple, keyword-based queries in that they are context and time-sensitive and incorporate meaning or semantics. A proprietary XML-based query language used by this invention to define, store, interpret and execute client-side semantic queries. SQML includes tags to define a query that gets its data from diverse resources that represent data sources such as files, folders, application repositories, and references to Agency XML Web Services via resource identifiers and URLs.

In addition, SQML includes tags that enable semantic filtering via custom links and predicates which indicate how data is to be queried and filtered from the resources, and arguments that indicate how the resources are to be queried and how the results are to be filtered. In particular, the arguments can include references to local or remote context. The XML metadata is then passed to the appropriate resource e.

The resource e. Also, an SQML buffer or file can refer to multiple resources and Agencies , thereby empowering the client to view results in an aggregated fashion e. On the server, this is the software component that processes semantic queries represented as SQML from the client. A proprietary XML-based data schema and format used by this invention to define, store, interpret and present semantic results.

On the client, SRML is returned from the SQP via semantic resource handlers that interpret, format, and issue query requests to semantic data sources. Semantic data sources will include an Agency's XML Web Service, local files, local folders, custom data sources from local or remote applications e.

This is in contrast with Today's Web and the Semantic Web where servers return already-formatted HTML for a client to present and where clients merely present presentation data as opposed to semantic data and cannot customize the presentation of the data. SRML is a meta-schema, meaning that it is a container format that can include data for different information object types e. An SRML file or buffer can contain intertwined results for each of these object types.

See Sample A of the Appendix hereto. Semantic Web. Extension of Today's Web in which information is given well-defined meaning, better enabling computers and people to work in cooperation. Facilities to put machine-understandable data on Today's Web are becoming a high priority for many communities. The Web can reach its full potential only if it becomes a place where data can be shared and processed by automated tools as well as by people.

For the Web to scale, tomorrow's programs must be able to share and process data even when these programs have been designed totally independently. The Semantic Web is a conceptual vision: the idea of having data on the Web defined and linked in a way that it can be used by machines not just for display purposes, but for automation, integration and reuse of data across various applications. In order to assist the advertisement of multicast multimedia conferences and other multicast sessions, and to communicate the relevant session setup information to prospective participants, a distributed session directory may be used.

An instance of such a session directory periodically multicasts packets containing a description of the session, and these advertisements are received by other session directories such that potential remote participants can use the session description to start the tools required to participate in the session. In its simplest form, this involved periodically multicasting a session announcement packet describing a particular session. To receive SAP, a receiver simply listens on a well-known multicast address and port.

If a receiver receives a session announcement packet it simply decodes the SDP message, and then can display the session information for the user. The interval between repeats of the same session description message depends on the number of sessions being announced each sender at a particular scope can hear the other senders in the same scope such that the bandwidth being used for session announcements of a particular scope is kept approximately constant.

If a receiver has been listening for a set time, and fails to hear a session announcement, then the receiver can conclude that the session has been deleted and no longer exists. The set period is based on the receivers' estimate of how often the sender should be sending.

Protocol designed to transfer mail reliably and efficiently. SMTP is independent of the particular transmission subsystem and requires only a reliable ordered data stream channel. An important feature of SMTP is its capability to relay mail across transport environments.

Each Agent will include a Skin which in turn will have an XML metadata representation of parameters to customize the layout of the XML results that represent information objects the layout Skin , for example, whether or not those results are animated, the manner in which each result is displayed, including a representation of the object type the object Skin , styles, colors, graphics, filters, transforms, effects, animations and so on that indicate the ontology of the current results the ontology Skin , styles that indicate the Context Template of the current results the context Skin and styles that indicate how to view and navigate results from Blenders i.

Trademarked name for a proprietary feature of this invention that allows users to select a Smart Agent or an object as a context with which to view another object or Agent. The lens then displays metadata, links, and result previews that give users an indication of what they should expect if the context is invoked. In addition, the Smart Lens can display views that are consistent with the context, using pivots, templates and preview windows, thereby allowing users to analyze the context in different ways before invoking a query.

This is in contrast with Today's Web and the conceptual Semantic Web, both of which employ a manually authored network wherein users are at the mercy of the authors of the information on the network. SQL statements are used to perform tasks such as update data on a database, or retrieve data from a database. Although most database systems use SQL, most of them also have their own additional proprietary extensions that are usually only used on their system.

SQL works with relational databases. A relational database stores data in tables relations. A database is a collection of tables. Language for describing two-dimensional graphics in XML. SVG allows for three types of graphic objects: vector graphic shapes e. Graphical objects can be grouped, styled, transformed and composited into previously rendered objects.

Text can be in any XML namespace suitable to the application, which enhances searchability and accessibility of the SVG graphics. The feature set includes nested transformations, clipping paths, alpha masks, filter effects, template objects and extensibility. SVG drawings can be dynamic and interactive. A rich set of event handlers such as onmouseover and onclick can be assigned to any SVG graphical object.

Because of its compatibility and leveraging of other Web standards, features like scripting can be done on SVG elements and other XML elements from different namespaces simultaneously within the same Web page.

An organizational structure wherein divisions are ordered into groups or categories. Property of an information medium to deliver and present information based on when the information would be most relevant in time. For instance, freshness is an attribute that denotes time-sensitivity. In addition, the delivery and presentation of upcoming events which, by definition, are time-sensitive and the manner in which the time-criticality of the events are displayed are properties of a time-sensitive medium.

Today's Web. This refers to the World Wide Web as we know it today. Today's Web is a universe of hypertext servers HTTP servers , which are the servers that allow text, graphics, sound files, etc. Hypertext is simply a non-linear way of presenting information.

Rather than reading or learning about things in the order that an author, or editor, or publisher sets out for us, readers of hypertext may follow their own path, create their own order or meaning out the material. The Hypertext medium can incorporate pictures, sound, and video present a multimedia approach to presenting information, also referred to as hypermedia.

The default TTL for multicast datagrams is 1, which will result in multicast packets going only to other hosts on the local network. A setsockopt 2 call may be used to change the TTL. As the value for TTL increases, routers will expand the number of hops they will forward a multicast packet. User State. This refers to all state that is either created by a user or which is needed to cache a user's preferences, favorites, or other personal information on a client or server.

Client-side User State includes authentication credential information, users' Agent lists and all the metadata including the SQML queries for the Agents , home Agent, configuration options, preferences such as Skins, etc. Essentially, client-side User State is a persisted form of users' Semantic Environment. Server-side User State includes information such as users' Favorite Agents, subscribed Agents, Default Agent, semantic links to information objects on the server e.

Server-side User State is optional for servers but support for it is preferred. Trademarked name for object types that do not map to distinct object types, yet are semantically of interest to users. Trademarked name for variables, parameters, arguments, or names that are dynamically interpreted at runtime by the semantic query processor.

This allows the Agency administrator to store Agents that refer to virtual names and then have those names be converted to actual relevant terms when the query is invoked. Web of Trust. Term coined by members of the Semantic Web research community that refers to a chain of authorization that users of the Semantic Web can use to validate assertions and statements.

Based on work in mathematics and cryptography, digital signatures provide proof that a certain person wrote or agrees with a document or statement. Users can preferably digitally sign all of their RDF statements. That way, users can be sure that they wrote them or at least vouch for their authenticity. Users simply tell the program whose signatures to trust.

Each can set their own levels of trust or paranoia , and the computer can decide how much of what it reads to believe. By way of example, with a Web of Trust, a user can tell a computer that he or she trusts his or her best friend, Robert. Robert happens to be a rather popular guy on the Net, and trusts quite a number of people. All the people he trusts in turn trust another set of people. Each of these measures of trust is to a certain degree Robert can trust Wendy a whole lot, but Sally only a little.

In addition to trust, levels of distrust can be factored in. If a user's computer discovers a document which no one explicitly trusts, but no one has said it has totally false either, it will probably trust that information a little more than one which many people have said is false. The computer takes all these factors into account when deciding the trustworthy of a piece of information.

An open industry organization chartered to promote Web services interoperability across platforms, operating systems, and programming languages. The organization works across the industry and standards organizations to respond to user needs by providing guidance, best practices, and resources for developing Web services solutions. Enhancements to SOAP messaging providing quality of protection through message integrity, message confidentiality, and single message authentication.

These mechanisms can be used to accommodate a wide variety of security models and encryption technologies. WS-Security also provides a general-purpose mechanism for associating security tokens with messages. No specific type of security token is required by WS-Security.

It is designed to be extensible e. For example, a client might provide proof of identity and proof that they have a particular business certification. Additionally, WS-Security describes how to encode binary security tokens. Specifically, the specification describes how to encode X. It also includes extensibility mechanisms that can be used to further describe the characteristics of the credentials that are included with a message.

Universal format for structured documents and data on the Web. Structured data includes things like spreadsheets, address books, configuration parameters, financial transactions, and technical drawings. XML is a set of rules you may also think of them as guidelines or conventions for designing text formats that let you structure your data.

XML is not a programming language, and one does not have to be a programmer to use it or learn it. XML makes it easy for a computer to generate data, read data, and ensure that the data structure is unambiguous. XML avoids common pitfalls in language design: it is extensible, platform-independent, and it supports internationalization and localization.

XML is fully Unicode-compliant. Service providing a standard means of communication among different software applications involved in presenting dynamic context-driven information to the user. More specific definitions include: 1. A software application identified by a URI whose interfaces and binding are capable of being defined, described and discovered by XML artifacts.

Supports direct interactions with other software applications using XML based messages via Internet-based protocols. An application delivered as a service that can be integrated with other Web Services using Internet standards. It is an URL-addressable resource that programmatically returns information to clients that want to use it. Programmable application logic accessible using standard Internet protocols. Web Services combine aspects of component-based development and the Web.

Like components, Web Services represent black-box functionality that can be reused without worrying about how the service is implemented. Query language that uses the structure of XML to intelligently express queries across all these kinds of data, whether physically stored in XML or viewed as XML via middleware. In support of this primary purpose, it also provides basic facilities for manipulation of strings, numbers and Booleans.

XPath operates on the abstract, logical structure of an XML document, rather than its surface syntax. In addition to its use for addressing, XPath is also designed so that it has a natural subset that can be used for matching testing whether or not a node matches a pattern ; this use of XPath is described in XSLT. XPath models an XML document as a tree of nodes. There are different types of nodes, including element nodes, attribute nodes and text nodes.

XPath defines a way to compute a string-value for each type of node. Some types of nodes also have names. Ocerview 1. Invention Context There is a misconception that the Holy Grail for information access is the provision of natural language searching capability. Prior technologies for information access have focused principally on improving the interface for searching for or accessing information to optimize information retrieval.

The presumption has largely been that providing a natural language interface to information will perfectly solve users' information access problems and end the frustration users have with finding information. In truth, however, many axes of analysis are involved in how people acquire knowledge in the real world.

One example is context. There are many things people know only because of where they were at a certain place and time. If they were not at that place at that time, they would not know what is in fact known or, indeed, might not care to know. Having the ability to search for what is presently known with natural language does not assist in uncovering the knowledge related to that particular time and place. There are simply no natural parameters that form the correct query to retrieve the desired information.

The conundrum is that a person cannot ask for what he or she might not even know would have value until after the fact. Stated differently, one cannot query for what they do not know they do not know, or for what they do not know that they might want to know. Those people at those parties mentioned the CDs to the person, thereby increasing the person's knowledge of music.

As another example, a person may purchase a book if read, increasing the person's knowledge on the particular topic of the book , based on a recommendation from a hitherto unknown stranger the person happened to sit beside on an airplane flight. In the real world, people acquire knowledge based not just on what they read and search for, but also based on the friends they keep, the people with whom they interact and the people whose judgment they trust.

The present invention mirrors virtually every real-world knowledge-acquisition scenario in the digital world. The inability of efforts such as natural-language search techniques of Today's Web as well as the Semantic Web to recognize the many ways in which knowledge is disseminated and acquired render them ultimately ineffective. The present invention accounts for the variety of ways in which humans have always acquired knowledge—independent of the actual technology used for information delivery.

By way of example, there has always been context and there has always been time. Likewise there has always been the notion of discovery and the need to link information dynamically and with user control. Nevertheless, prior to the present invention, there was no ability in the electronic medium to focus on the mode, protocol and presentation of knowledge delivery which maps to real-world scenarios for example, via Context Templates, context-sensitivity, time-sensitivity, dynamic linking, flexible presentation, Context Skins, context attributes, etc.

There will always be new information types. But the dissemination and acquisition axes of knowledge e. The present invention captures this reality. In addition, the present invention provides the ability to disseminate knowledge via serendipity.

Serendipity plays a large part in knowledge acquisition in the real world and it is a first-class mode of knowledge delivery. The present invention enables a user to acquire information serendipitously albeit intelligently by its support for context, time, Context Templates, etc. Such information models are not user-focused, do not incorporate context, time, dynamism and templates, and do not map to real-world knowledge acquisition and dissemination scenarios.

This is possible because, unlike existing mediums for information access, a preferred embodiment of the present invention focuses on the knowledge dissemination models that incorporate context, time, dynamism, and templates for the benefit of both the end-user and the content producer and not on the specifics of the access interface, or the linking semantic or non-semantic of information resources based on static data models or human-based authoring.

If it is not authored and distributed properly, no one knows of its existence, knows how it relates to other sources of intelligence, or knows how to act on it in real-time and in the proper fashion. This is largely because Today's Web was not designed to be a platform for knowledge.

It was designed to be a platform for presentation and is intentionally dumb, static, and reactive. Today, knowledge-workers—those who seek to use information by adding context—and meaningare at the mercy of knowledge-authors. A significant aspect of knowledge interaction is to have knowledge-workers be able to navigate their way through a knowledge space in a very intuitive manner, and at the speed at which they wish to make decisions and act on the knowledge.

In creating a knowledge experience, it is also preferred to be able to integrate knowledge assets across content-provider, partner, supplier, customer and people boundaries. In the enterprise scenario, for example, no single organization has all the knowledge it needs to remain competitive.

Users should have always-on access to knowledge from a variety of sources, in-place, and in an intelligent context that is relevant to their current task. All this requires a layer of intelligence and pro-activity that is not available today. Today, for example, enterprises use information portals, such as intranets and the Internet, as a way of disseminating information to their employees. However, this is far from being enough, as it provides only presentation-level integration.

This is akin to subscribing to newsletters to keep updated with information, as opposed to having an Agent that manages your information for you, helps you discover new information on-the-fly, helps you capture and share information with colleagues, etc.

To accomplish the desired level of knowledge interaction requires Agents working in the background, reasoning, learning, inferring, matching users together based on their profiles, capturing new knowledge and automatically deducing new knowledge, and federating knowledge from external sources so that they become a seamless part of the knowledge experience. This in turn requires the semantic integration of knowledge assets so that they all make sense in a holistic fashion, rather than merely providing the basis for presentation-level integration and document searching.

The present invention is designed to be an intelligent, proactive, real-time knowledge platform that co-exists with Today's Web or any other layer of presentation. Users consume only information as it is presented to them. The present invention adds a layer of intelligence and layers of customization that Today's HTML-based Web environment cannot support.

The present invention provides an XML-based dynamic Web of smart knowledge objects rather than dumb Web pages wherein the semantics of the objects are preserved between the server and the client, thereby giving users much more power and control over their knowledge experience. With reference to FIG. Information in both of these layers is handled distinctly. No semantics are used at the Information Indexing Layer; rather, search engines based on keywords are used. The Logic Layer consists primarily of a database that allows programmability for searching, rules, view, triggers, etc.

The Application Layer consists of server-side scripts that drive e-Business applications based on user input. At the topmost or Presentation Layer, Today's Web has presentation information in the form of Web pages that is exposed via portals with a Web platform e.

Apart from overlapping layers of processing, the present invention uniquely handles information from the bottommost level of operation in a manner that preserves the semantics of the underlying information sources. At both the Structured and Unstructured Information Sources Layers, the system 10 handles information uniformly, taking into account metadata and semantics associated with the information.

At the Information Indexing Layer, information metadata and semantics are extracted from unstructured. The system 10 adds three additional platform layers not present in Today's Web: Knowledge Indexing and Classification Layer, wherein information from both structured and unstructured sources are semantically encoded; Knowledge Representation Layer, wherein associations are created that allows maintenance of a self-correcting or healing Semantic Network of knowledge objects; and Knowledge Ontology and Inference Layer, wherein new connections and properties are inferred in the Semantic Network.

At the Logic Layer a knowledge-base is created that allows for programmability at a semantic level. At the Application Layer, server-side scripts are used in association with the knowledge-base. These scripts dynamically generate knowledge objects based on user input, and may include semantic commands for retrieval, notifications and logic. This Layer may also include Smart Agents to optimize the handling of semantic user input.

The Presentation Layer of the system 10 preserves the semantics that are tracked from the bottommost layers. Presentation at this Layer is dynamically generated on the client computer system and completely customizable. The present invention provides a programmable Web. Unlike Today's Web which is a dumb Web of documents, the Web of the present invention is programmable akin to a database—it is able to process logic and rules, and will be able to initiate events.

While Today's Web is encoded for human, and thus is focused primarily on presentation of static information, the virtual Web of the present invention is encoded primarily for machines, albeit ultimately presented to humans as the end of the knowledge delivery chain. The present invention provides an intelligent, learning Web. This means that the virtual Web of the present invention will be able to learn new connections and become smarter over time. The Web is dynamic, virtual and self-authoring, thereby providing much more power to knowledge-workers by intelligently and proactively making semantic connections that Today's Web is unable to provide, thereby leading to a reduction in and eventual elimination of information loss.

The Web of the present invention is a self-healing Web. Unlike Today's web which has to be manually maintained by document authors, the present invention provides a Web that is self-maintained by machines. This feature rectifies broken links because the Web will fix disconnections in the network automatically.

Finally, as will be set forth in greater detail below, the various embodiments of the present invention incorporate some or all of the axes of knowledge acquisition described above to provide substantial advantages over existing systems directed to Today's Web or the conceptual Semantic Web.

System Architecture and Technology Considerations 1. System Overview The present invention is directed to a system and method for knowledge retrieval, management and delivery. Each of the preferred components of the system 10 of the present invention, as well as the interaction among the components, is described in greater detail below. In the preferred embodiment, this occurs via the Information Agent.

In an alternative embodiment, the communication may occur programmatically via an Enterprise Knowledge Portal e. These components are described in greater detail below. Technology Stacks The significant differences between Today's Web and the conceptual Semantic Web are further highlighted by reference to the technology stacks of each as shown with reference to FIG.

System Hererogeneity Heterogeneity is an advantage of the present invention. Gather its email metadata from an SMTP store for email from any source or for the system inbox. This allows it to support any event repository that supports the iCalendar or CAL protocol standard. In an alternative embodiment, the KIS Agency may be configured to extract metadata stored in a proprietary repository via an appropriate DSA.

To achieve heterogeneity, in the preferred embodiment, for client-server communications, the system 10 uses XML Web Service standards that work in an interoperable manner across platforms. Users are not required to take any extra steps while installing or using the client based on the platform on which any of the Agencies they are interacting with is running.

The Information Agent preferably uses open standards for its Skins and other presentation effects. A sample, heterogeneous, end-to-end implementation of a preferred embodiment of the Information Nervous System of the present invention is shown with reference to FIG.

The components shown in FIG. Security The preferred embodiment of the Information Nervous System provides support for all aspects of security: authentication, authorization, auditing, data privacy, data integrity, availability, and non-repudiation. Security is preferably handled at the protocol layer via security standards in the XML Web Service protocol stack. This includes encrypting method calls from clients semantic browsers to servers Agencies , support for digital signatures, authenticating the calling user before granting access to an Agency's Semantic Network and XML Web Service methods, etc.

The preferred embodiment that the present invention supports local client-side credential management. This is preferably implemented by requiring users to enter a list of their usernames and passwords that they use on multiple Agencies within an Intranet or over the Internet. The semantic browser aggregates information from multiple Agencies that may have different authentication credentials for the user. Supported authentication credentials optionally include common schemes such as basic authentication using a username and password, basic authentication over SSL, Microsoft's.

NET Passport authentication service, the new Liberty Alliance authentication service, client certificates over SSL, digest authentication, and integrated Windows authentication for use in Windows environments. In the preferred embodiment, with the users' credentials cached at the client, the semantic browser uses the appropriate credentials for a given Agency by checking the supported authentication level and scheme for the Agency which is part of the Agency's schema.

For example, if an Agency supports integrated Windows authentication, the semantic browser invokes the XML Web Service method with the logon handle or other identifier for the current user. If the Agency supports only basic authentication over SSL, the semantic browser passes either the username and password or a cached copy of the logon handle if the client was previously logged on and the logon handle has not expired in order to logon. The preferred embodiment employs techniques such as logon handle caching, aging and expiration on the KIS in order to speed up the authentication process and logon handle lookups and in order to provide more security by guarding against hijacked logon handles.

The Agency XML Web Service preferably supports different authentication schemes either implicitly if the feature is natively supported by the server operating system or application server or at the application-level by the XML Web Service implementation itself. NET passport authentication. The present invention provides for query caches, which are responsible for caching queries for quick access. On the client, the client-side query cache caches the results of SQML queries with specified arguments.

The cache is preferably configured to purge its contents after a predetermined amount of time e. The amount of time is preferably set by modeling system usage and arriving at an optimal value for the cache time limit. Other parameters may also be considered, such as the data arrival rate on the Agency in the case of per-Agency caches, which is another implementation option , the usage model e. Caching improves performance because the client does not have to needlessly access recently used servers as the user navigates the semantic environment.

In addition, on the client, there is preferably an object cache. This cache caches the results of each SQML resource and is tagged with the resource reference e. The resource may be the local file system, a local application e. Like the query cache, the object cache may be configured to purge its contents after a set amount of time e. In an alternative embodiment, on the server, the server-side query cache caches the category results for XML arguments. This speeds up the query response time because the server does not have to ask the KDM to categorize XML arguments via the one or more instances of the KBS that the KIS is configured to get its domain knowledge from on each query request.

This speeds up the query response time because the server would not have to convert SQML arguments to SQL each time it receives a request from a client. In the preferred embodiment, aggressive client-side caching is employed and server-side caching is avoided unless it clearly improves performance. This is because client-side caching scales better than server-side caching since the client caches requests based on its local context. Virtual, Distributed Queries. The present invention employs virtual, distributed queries.

The system does not require static networks that link—or massive individual databases that house—all the metadata for the system. This precludes the need for manual authoring and maintenance on a local or global scope. In addition, this precludes the need for integrated or universal storage, wherein all the metadata is required to be stored on a single metadata store and accessible through one database query interface e.

System Components and Operation 1. Agencies and Agents The present invention introduces a unique approach to using Agencies and Agents to retrieve, manage and deliver knowledge.

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