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Our actively managed Sustainable & Responsible Investing (SRI) strategy offers clients an opportunity to invest in well-managed companies focused on social and. Sustainable investing offers a growing number of options for investors interested in achieving goals beyond financial growth. A responsible investing leader with a full range of customization options to help clients create portfolios that reflect their values and. CRYPTO FUNDS WITH A TOKEN

Most options were expensive and provided limited diversification and muted returns. Fortunately, the sustainable investment space is rapidly evolving which provides more abundant and attractive options that offer improved diversification and return potential. While sustainability can mean different things to different people, sustainable investing commonly incorporates Environmental Considerations, Social Responsibility and good Corporate Governance ESG.

This is why sustainable investing often falls under the moniker of ESG. It is also sometimes known as Socially Responsible Investing, or SRI although this terminology is used less often now than in the past.

We Can Help We are committed to sustainability and to offering sustainable investment options to enable our clients to align their investments with their values. While we offer negative screening if a client is truly passionate about excluding a particular industry, our sustainable portfolios are based on inclusion of companies with positive environmental, social, and governance principles. Investing for the common good. Managing your assets. Planning for your future.

We invest across asset classes both public and private. Impact Investing Impact Investing is investing with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

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Previously, being responsible often largely meant not investing in certain types of business, or regions of the world, broadly viewed as unacceptable. You simply excluded those types of investments from your portfolio. The classic geographic example of avoidance was South Africa before the abolition of apartheid.

The refusal of much of the world to put money into the country helped force its leaders to rethink their racial policies. For other RI investors, defense contractors, fossil fuel producers and chemical companies were similarly unwanted. But for many other types of businesses, RI investment managers have become much more sophisticated in their approach.

He says Nuveen has been incorporating ESG values into its product development process for 20 years. There are several firms that evaluate how companies are managing risks associated with the ESG benchmarks. The financial analytics company MSCI is one such data provider. The mutual fund analytic firm Morningstar is another. MSCI is his preferred vendor. Individual scores against specific ESG criteria are also available. Social issues can include human capital factors like worker health and safety, labor-management relations, or product liability, to name a few.

Governance factors can include executive pay, board diversity, tax transparency and the stability of the management team and other aspects of the way in which companies are run. But what about performance? Many RI funds have shown outperformance. The company surveys investors annually about their attitudes toward RI investing. Advisors, in turn, are learning ESG-focused investments go beyond the old avoidance approach because of that growing interest by their clients.

But interest has boomed in recent years, particularly with individual investors. Climate change, corruption, cybersecurity and a lack of gender diversity in companies are some of the concerns prompting many people to think about changing the way they invest. In the U.

That sentiment, coupled with the data-backed realization that companies that pay attention to factors beyond their bottom line perform better in the long run, is pushing responsible investing to the top of many investors' minds, he says. What is responsible investing? RI is an umbrella term encompassing several different approaches used to deliberately incorporate environmental, social and governance ESG considerations into an investment portfolio.

These approaches are not mutually exclusive; multiple stategies can be applied simultaneously within the investment process. There are four main approaches to this data: 1. ESG integration ESG integration involves systematically incorporating material ESG factors into investment decision-making to identify potential risks and opportunities and improve long-term, risk-adjusted return. This is when investors consider more than traditional financial measures, such as the intangibles of a company's ESG practices.

Investors who are not considering these factors may see increased volatility within their portfolios. E, S and G factors are examined in tandem with fundamental factors to define attractive investments with long-term returns in focus. Material ESG factors could come to bear on the financials of a company. ESG screening and exclusion This approach involves applying positive or negative screening of companies, industries, or sectors to either include or exclude assets from a portfolio.

Screening and exclusions are accomplished by including or withdrawing support from investments to make a financial influence that aligns with predefined values, or identifying assets that meet a defined set of desired ESG-criteria or ESG score threshold. Positive screening and negative screening: Identifies assets that meet a defined set of desired ESG-related criteria which may be a product or conduct based. Positive screening selects only companies that pass a defined ESG score threshold, while negative screening excludes certain companies for poor ESG performance or controversies.

Socially Responsible Investing SRI : Applies the ESG screening and exclusions approach based on a defined set of ESG-related criteria or norms to exclude specific companies or sectors, generally stemming from a certain principle or set of values. Examples of exclusions could include weapons, tobacco, or alcohol.

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