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At this point, the dapp industry began harvesting the seeds planted during the winter two years ago. Web3 paradigms such as multichain interoperability and play-to-earn were on full display. The multichain paradigm helped blockchains like Polygon and Avalanche become hosts of DeFi ecosystems with billions in value locked. Collections like CryptoPunks and BAYC became a cultural phenomenon with the power of attracting celebrities and brands into the space. With NFTs enabling ownership and authentication, the potential of this blockchain use case was revealed.

Similar to NFTs, blockchain-based games grew exponentially during The popularity of this type of game, especially in emerging economies, gave birth to the play-to-earn concept. Metaverse related cryptocurrencies and NFTs experienced visible growth in demand resulting in considerable value appraisal. VCs and other investors poured record capital on blockchain-based metaverse and game projects. In November of last year, the blockchain industry reached its current ceiling.

Ethereum and the majority of the crypto market also peaked in the same month. There was a feeling of optimism across the entire industry. Complex Macro Scenario Run the clock forward to and the dapp industry is in a much better position than four years ago.

Hundreds of dapps attract over 2. The investor profile is entirely different as well. Institutional and corporate investors now dominate the crypto landscape. Cumulative crypto funds assets under management; Source: Statista From a macro perspective, the situation is different than in though. The negative effects accentuated by the war in Ukraine present a severe challenge to global markets. Moreover, the aftermath of the staggering money printing streak is already taking a toll.

The sum of these macroeconomic factors is leading the markets into what looks like a recession. The macroeconomic situation hindered the bull trend which was fueled by the metaverse hype cycle. The Terra situation put even more pressure on a crypto market that is about to experience a macroeconomic recession for the first time.

Is Winter Coming? There are noticeable differences when comparing the series of factors that caused a crypto winter in and what we are seeing right now. Firstly, the blockchain industry has gone from a small group of siloed networks to a series of interconnected ecosystems attracting millions of daily users.

In the same way, the investor profile went from mostly retail investors to large institutions and corporations with more economic power. The awareness for the space is higher than ever, with crypto sponsorships seen in almost every major sport and billboards advertising Web3 products in multiple cities across the globe.

Bitcoin has been adopted as legal tender and might act as a hedge for countries facing hyperinflation like Venezuela, Argentina, and others. The same can be said for NFTs. This type of digital asset is decoupling from the stock and crypto markets, proving to be one of the most resilient assets in recent history. Similar to art, which historically has been one of the most resistant investment vehicles.

The rise of Web3 brands building at the forefront of the metaverse shows organic growth from within the space. We are witnessing an exodus of talent from leading Web2 projects into the blockchain world. As significant as the blockchain industry has become, challenges remain. The collapse of Terra brought the sector down to its knees. Except for DAI and a few other tokens, many stablecoins, including Tether, struggled to maintain their peg during the high volatility period.

The trust levels in algorithmic stablecoins and the space, in general, could discourage smart money from entering the weakened DeFi space. Security and regulations are other topics that require special attention as soon as possible. In addition to these challenges inherent to the blockchain, the record high correlation between stock and crypto markets presents another burden. As mentioned before, capital markets have had their worst start to a year since the s. The prices of high-flying tech stocks like Netflix, Facebook, Roku, Wix, and Robinhood, have fallen sharply with some exceptions.

And as a recession seems more probable by the day, the short-term outlook for the capital markets does not look promising. The macroeconomic situation, coupled with the Terra collapse, might be too much for the crypto market already facing a pullback phase from the Meta bull run. Bitcoin, NFTs, and other cryptos should continue to be demanded as a new class of digital assets with unique economic properties. Also, corporate and government adoption will force lawmakers to work on policies to regulate digital assets bringing headlines to the mainstream media.

Furthermore, it is necessary to consider that the crypto market is composed of cycles. It is unsustainable for any industry to maintain constant growth. Consolidation and capitulation cycles are healthy to create financial stability within the markets.

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