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forex trading journal blog post

We Make Trade Journaling A Breeze · Focus on data-driven analysis and insights · % Automated trade syncing for major trading platforms · Advanced analysis. Tradersync is the best trading journal for traders focusing on stocks, forex, options and futures markets, and it comes with a mobile app for. Trading journal and performance recorder software with wide range of configurations, useful statistics and reports. Supports automated import. ZARDAB ICRA BASICS OF INVESTING

For example, during the summer we often see that the markets are quieter and during the fall we usually get some more volatility. But how do you know if your trading strategy is good and robust enough? Apart from using your historical data to learn more about your trading performance, you can perform a Monte Carlo Simulation formula to get an idea of how your strategy might perform in the future.

If you are looking to increase the amount of profit you are making from your trades and are failing to understand why you may not be, knowing the expectancy ratio of a trade before you make it can help. In this post, we'll look at the expectancy ratio and explain how to calculate it and why you should perhaps look at it.

In this post, we will look at the top 12 indicators used by professional indicators and how they are used. But a quick warning.. There are some online trade journals out there that are way more advanced. Traders just have to enter the inputs in these platforms and the software works on its own to provide the metrics. This would help traders judge their results better and make the necessary changes. Examples of such trade journals are TraderSync , Tradervue, Trademetria, etc. Which one should you use?

I have mentioned basic trade journals and some quite advanced ones, so which one should you use as your own trade journal? It depends. I personally use physical diaries to record information about my trades. I maintain these journals diligently and enter every necessary information. Now, I like physical journals more than digital ones, but you might not feel the same. It all boils down to individual preferences. But yes one thing I would suggest is that, if you are a beginner trader then maintain a physical trade journal and write down all the information of your trades in them.

If you start putting in the work from the beginning itself, it will become second nature. And once you make progress in your trading journal and are no more beginners, you can always choose to make use of the digital trade journals. I have seen some really advanced traders use digital trade journals, as they prefer having quantified metrics of their trades and I have also seen advanced traders using a normal book to keep a record.

Try out both and determine what works for you best. Why should you maintain a trade journal? Now that you have some idea about what a trade journal is, you might have a question lingering in your head as to what is the purpose of a trade journal and why spend the time and effort just to keep track.

On the face of it, keeping track of your trades might not seem much important. But if you actually think about it then it could be the key to success in your trading journey. Most traders only judge their trading journey through the results and these results are mostly monetary returns.

The traders that do so are mostly the beginner ones that keep money at the highest pedestal and do not think beyond monetary returns in trading. But for seasoned and experienced traders, progress is determined differently. These types of traders know that their strategy will have positive and negative phases as the market conditions change, they acknowledge the fact that they will not profit every time.

In such cases, they judge their results on the basis of the mistakes they made, whether they stuck to their plan, whether they managed risk properly, whether they acted out of emotions or stayed analytical. Once a trade is over, how will a trader remember all the information of the trade? Through a trade journal.

The main purpose of a trade journal is to have a record of all past actions for scrutiny in the future. Everything that the trader mentions and records in the journal can be analyzed in the future and in this way, they can understand what aspect they must work on and what needs improvement.

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5 Things In a Profitable Forex Trading Journal (TEMPLATE!)

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Meanwhile, its customizability means that the journal only calculates and shows the stuff that you need the most. The resulting trading journal unites approaches to logging three different macro-strategies — chart pattern trading, news trading, and fundamental analysis trading. It allows easy customization most non-essential columns can be hidden if they aren't needed while also providing an in-depth analysis of the trades. The only serious disadvantage such a journal has is slow performance because Excel, albeit a great software, does lots of unnecessary calculations each time you change something in a spreadsheet.

Features Here are some of the features of the trading journal that you can download further below: A Welcome sheet with some basic information you can safely delete it after reading. A Currency Pairs sheet that serves to put in your currency pair settings for quick referencing and for decimal place counts. You can ignore it, but then you won't be able to benefit from decimal places formatting; also you won't be able to just enter a small number instead of typing in the entire currency pair name each time.

The number of pips for profit and loss is calculated automatically. A Commission column that can also be used to record rebates if you receive them from your broker. A Swap column to record the swaps you pay or get from the broker. The true purpose of a forex trading journal is to… Identify bad trading habits and nurture good ones You see… A forex trading journal is not just about whether or not your trading strategy makes money.

Your mental well-being executes your strategy and state of mind; your emotions when trading. So, before you even start making your forex trading journal. This would also discourage you to build an inconsistent routine on trade journaling, which leads me to my next point… Mistake 2: Your forex trading journal routine does not match your trading style Let me ask you: When should you update your forex trading journal?

Every hour? Once a week? Well, it depends. As mentioned a while ago… Trying to fill your trading journal manually while day trading will ultimately burn you out! So when should you exactly fill and review your forex trading journal? Rest assured my friend. Simple, right? How would you feel? And what are the chances of you lashing out your emotions and messing up your trading when the markets are open? Probably high.

So review your forex trading journal when the markets are closed.

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The Power Of A Trade Journal - Steve Ward

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