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btc wireless keyboard

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for BTC URF III Wireless Media Control Keyboard w/TrackBall at sbetting.365sportsbetting.online Read honest and unbiased. Home /; Computer Accessories - keyboards/Speakers/Headsets.. /; Keyboards/Mouse /; Keyboards /; BTC Wireless Keyboard & Mouse. Picture of BTC Wireless. Shop Electronics' BTC Black Size OS Keyboards at a discounted price at Poshmark. Description: GREAT vintage wireless multimedia keyboard from BTC. VITALIK BUTERIN ETHEREUM COFOUNDER

Extra keys to map if you really want to. Cons: None really. I don't do a lot of typing on it, but using it as a MythTV remote, I haven't had one problem with it. It has worked flawlessly for me. Granted, I don't do a lot of typing on it, but have used it to type emails and it has picked up keystrokes from feet with no problems.

The mouse also works great too. I am a big fan! The mouse and keys can be laggy sometimes when the keyboard is moved around. Overall Review: For the money it's definitely worth it if you want to set up a computer with limited desk space. The only real drawback is the receiver which can be overcome Ownership: 1 month to 1 year Verified Owner Make sure you experiment First day I was playing galaga on the widescreen. Range is good if you know the limitations.

Battery hasn't died yet and I've had it for over a month. Small and compact. Perfect for keeping in the drawer of my coffee table. Cons: Wish it had volume control, but for the price you can't beat the functionality it does have. Also, when I first plugged it in it took me a little time to figure out the best placement for the receiver.

And unfortunately, the cord wasn't very long. Overall Review: Buy a usb extension cord and place the receiver high up. At least 3 feet higher than where you will have the keyboard. With the receiver at the same level as the keyboard I was getting jerks and missed keystrokes. Location, location, location The keyboard connected easily enough with the receiver and communicated reliably with it from about 3 feet provided the bottom of the keyboard, where the radio is, faced the top of the receiver, which emits the signal.

However once I backed up, still using the same line of sight, to about 5 feet it no longer responded. If I altered the line of sight it could get the signal but missed 1 out of 3 keystrokes. Bottom line was after several hours of testing and I test computers for a living professionally the keyboard, while connected to a PC, requires a very specific line of sight to the top of the receiver and beyond about feet it can not maintain a solid connection regardless.

What a HUGE difference!! Although line of sight is still key, it not only maintained the connection at 8 feet but its responsiveness is very impressive. No the mouse will not work, but that is true with any kb on the x that has a mouse. The keyboard is lightweight but sturdy feeling and the responsiveness and range are great for the X The "gray" color, which is really an off-white, matches the XBOX perfectly as does the receiver, so it blends nice sitting next to it.

If you need a wireless KB solution for the PC, look elsewhere for sure! I needed something more than a pointer so we could edit code together If it can't work, please follow the steps below to process ID setting of the Wireless Kit. The pairing button locates on the top of the receiver with a LED under to show the pairing or data reception status.

The ID-recognition function helps to protect against interference from other RF products in the same environment. Remember to pair ID when other RF products affect your keyboard kit. Press the pairing button on the top of the receiver first. Next, press the pairing button on the bottom of the mouse once. Then press the pairing button on the top of the receiver again. Finally, press the pairing button on the bottom of the keyboard Receiver LED flashes 3 times rapidly as indication it's paired with this keyboard and mouse.

During initial installation of the USB device, the system will automatically detect a new hardware being added, and then bring up "Add New Hardware Wizard" dialogue box.

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You can use this keyboard with any device that supports a Bluetooth connection, and it supports multi-device pairing with up to three devices at once. Thanks to its low profile, you can rest your wrists flat on your work surface without investing in a palm rest for extra support. Although the keys are fairly small, typing doesn't feel too cramped as there's enough space between the keys to easily differentiate between them.

Overall, you'll find a nice, quiet typing experience from this unit that won't distract anyone around you. It connects to any device using Bluetooth, but the overall typing quality isn't very good, especially compared to the Logitech K See our review Obinslab Anne Pro 2: The Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is a solid mechanical option that supports multi-device pairing with up to four devices at once using Bluetooth.

However, it doesn't have as many features as the NuPhy Air75 and isn't as ergonomic or portable. Sep 13, Overhauled article to better reflect the current market and align with user needs. Cut down Notable Mentions to only relevant products. May 13, Completely restructured article with new category titles to better reflect user needs.

As for using it for gaming, forget it. You couldn't play Minesweeper with it. And then it broke entirely - no more wireless connectivity. Oddly, I wasn't all that upset when it did. Ceasing to function completely was the best thing this keyboard did in the month or so I owned. I wouldn't take another one for free. I have a kingston wireless mouse i use. Excellent keyboard with good range. The keyboard always connects instantly without hesitation and has no glitches or drop-outs.

Cons: none really other than the mouse is pretty useless. Easy install. Cons: The joystick had a hopelessly large dead zone in the middle. Even after a week I found it very difficult to close in on anything on my screen. Then the keyboard AND mouse stopped working anyway and there was nothing I could do to make it work again.

I've moved on. I put in the batteries plugged in the usb doggle, windows xp found it installed drives and it worked. Cons: I would not use it to try to play shooter games. Overall Review: The range for me is over 15ft. The pointer jumps around and the ergonomics ot the buttons are not thought out well. Maybe as a joystick this is better, but I wanted a mouse with a keyboard.

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