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ethereum sec reddit

Eth got a free pass from the SEC just like bitcoin and the attention from the SEC/XRP lawsuit is raising a lot of question as to why Eth and. In this case, the SEC viewed that owning and managing Bitcoin mining rigs/servers was a managerial effort, and that selling access to their. votes, comments. M subscribers in the ethereum community. Next-generation platform for decentralised applications. NANO LEDGER ETHEREUM WALLER

Niraj Sheth, a software engineer at Reddit, said, "We're always working to empower communities and introduce new ways to use Reddit, and decentralised, self-sustaining blockchain technology allows us to do that. By working with FTX, we're able to do this at scale. It was created to allow users in two subreddits to earn blockchain rewards for submitting 'quality posts and comments.

It is one of the most commonly used Ethereum scaling solutions. During the launch, Reddit said, "As a unit of ownership, points capture some of the value of their community. They can be spent on premium features and are used as a measure of reputation in the community. According to FTX, "Using Points, communities can incentivise more engagement and better content, reward creators, and launch their customised Points token.

Users can use Points to display their influence in the subreddit and bring their reputation to other communities in or outside Reddit. They can also use it to buy perks including special memberships and rewards.

An Ethereum logo inside a Barcelona cryptocurrency exchange, Sept. The SEC asserts Ethereum transactions occurred in the US because of where blockchain validation nodes were clustered, a theory courts may find problematic. In mid-September, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a complaint involving digital asset trades executed on the Ethereum blockchain. The suit, brought against US-based crypto influencer Ian Balina, provides yet more proof—if we needed any—that the SEC takes an expansive view of its authority to police crypto fraud.

This understanding of the location of Ethereum blockchain transactions is significant, outside of the application to ETH, because most token issuances are generated on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of ERC tokens, and many smart contract deployments rely on the Ethereum network. Transactions involving these ERC tokens and smart contracts are all validated by the Ethereum network and recorded on the Ethereum blockchain by Ethereum network nodes.

Many protocol systems and node systems are supported programmatically by hosted and centralized server and hosting systems that maintain server and infrastructure farms in various locations. For this reason, blockchain transactions cannot accurately be said to take place in the location where the commercial hosting providers are located, but instead wherever the network nodes are located—which, for a single ETH transaction, could be in seven or more different locations across the globe.

Because of the network decentralization inherent in each ETH transaction, the Ethereum network is properly thought of as existing at every network node location and, simultaneously, at none of them, because no single location or group of nodes can be reliably presumed to interact with every single transaction during execution.

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Comments from Gary Gensler, the head of the SEC, have rattled investor confidence in the world's second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. This profiting from staked ether has drawn the attention of Gensler and made crypto investors nervous about the future classification of Ethereum.

According to Etherscan , Ethereum controls the majority of decentralised finance within the cryptocurrency ecosystem and most of the smart contract applications. The SEC has not made a standalone official statement Ethereum blockchain is a security, but if the blockchain is classified as a security rather than a commodity, then this will create a legal precedent that would send a wave of panic throughout the entire cryptocurrency market.

Reddit was among the first online platforms to begin accepting bitcoin back in Even when it discontinued accepting bitcoin, Reddit stated that it was observing the progress of Coinbase commerce, a product launched by the cryptocurrency exchange recently, before taking a final decision on stopping bitcoin. The new version will support both cryptocurrencies. Investing in cryptocurrencies and other Initial Coin Offerings "ICOs" is highly risky and speculative, and this article is not a recommendation by Investopedia or the writer to invest in cryptocurrencies or other ICOs.

Since each individual's situation is unique, a qualified professional should always be consulted before making any financial decisions. Investopedia makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or timeliness of the information contained herein. As of the date this article was written, the author owns 0. This compensation may impact how and where listings appear. Investopedia does not include all offers available in the marketplace.

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Ethereum In Bed w/ the SEC!? “ETHGATE” Exposed by XRP?

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