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places from between shades of gray map

Between Shades of Gray Sepetys, R. (). Between shades of gray. New York: Philomel Books. Summary In , fifteen-year-old Lina is taken. Sepetys has included two maps at the beginning of the novel. The first is simply a map to show the great distance the prisoners traveled from. Google Maps does not provide a color key or map legend. Gray-Green shades represent areas of Tundra, Lava Flows, or rocky soil. CRYPTOCURRENCIES ACCEPTED HERE SIGN

What would really help is colors or shading representing area characteristics like: retail, offices, dense tall buildings, blighted neighborhoods, farmland, low-density outlying housing. You can see with their existing colors what if an area is urban AND very green?

Or countryside but trashy? What I need is a map that offers better clues as to where to go and where to avoid. March 2, at am Mike says: When i view maps on satelite i find very rarely a green shaded rectangle. What does that mean? May 17, at am Steve Johnson says: Satellite view is for displaying photographic imagery.

When I look at my area, there are lots of areas that are dark green and lighter green. All of the darker areas have a name — some kind of conservation area, state park, wildlife area, etc. There are no names on any of the lighter green areas. That seems like more than a conincidence. August 17, at am Steve Johnson says: Areas outlined in angular lines are jurisdictions, such as state parks, national forests, refuges, etc.

Accompanying this theme of courage is the desire and will to survive at all costs. All throughout the novel, Lina is forced to be courageous. Living in a shadow of darkness, Lina experiences loss, grief, fear, captivity, and suffering at the young age of Forced to live in unthinkable settings, working day in and day out for a mere piece of bread, Lina and her peers began to lose color, to lose hope. It is not until the end of the novel that Lina finally finds a shimmer of light, symbolizing a sliver of hope in such a dark time.

And yet, through all of this, Lina is hopeful. Success meant survival. Failure meant death. I wanted life. Regardless of the obstacles and challenges young adults may face, Lina encourages them to press forward, to find that glimmer within the darkness. An amazing read that I would highly recommend for all young adults living through the trials and tribulations of every day teenage life!

I want to know more, about Lina, her family, her friends; but I also want to learn more about this time and place. Yes, this is one of my favorite books read in School Library Journal. Include a list and description of the most notable places to visit. Include a description of what the climate and topography are like. Encoded Art: Throughout this war, and many other wars, individuals would use art to send encoded messages to the outside world. Have students create a journal of at least six to eight pages.

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Lina \u0026 Andrius - are you with me? places from between shades of gray map

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