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Like a vending machine, smart contracts are created from any automated action that is initiated on the blockchain after certain criteria are met. You put something in, you get something out. This means transactions and workflows can be automatic, reducing the need for human input. For example, when onboarding a new employee, you and your IT department has to dole out various passcodes, payroll numbers, login credentials, etc. Plus, you have to go back and forth between various departments, documents and emails to collect and verify the info you need to complete the employee's profile and get them added into your system.

The blockchain ledger will let you skip this process completely by instantly adding employee info that is totally accurate and transparent. Here's how blockchain could disrupt recruitment: Faster Referral and Background Checks Work is no longer limited to a single location. Global travel, the gig economy, and the rise of the on-demand talent economy have totally changed the way we work and a candidate's professional background is becoming increasingly tough to track and verify.

But in the future of blockchain, this process can be completed in an instant. With blockchain technology, all our personal and professional information can be held on a one simple application, including anything and everything from previous addresses, social security number, employment history, education certificates, compensation data, visa status, and more.

Basically, if you ever filled in a form field with it, you can find it on the blockchain. Extremely Fast Employee Contracting Blockchain can also hold employment contracting info such as your electronic signature, payroll details, security access codes, performance reports and even psychometrics.

In theory, a candidate could be employed immediately and even get their contract and payroll number assigned in an instant. For recruiters who thrive on the paperwork aspects of the business, this could spell trouble. But for those who want to eliminate the admin burden and focus on things like employer branding and improving communication with candidates, blockchain technology can seriously free up your time so you can focus on some of the more creative, high-value activities.

There are two things to consider here. Let's be honest, some are totally fake. It happens way more often than it should. Take, for instance, Scot Thomas, former CEO of Yahoo, who resigned shortly after being hired as he had lied on his CV about having a degree in computer science. Fraudulent education claims are an even bigger issue when companies operate across multiple locations worldwide.

With a global workforce, many employees will have studied and worked in different countries, making it extremely difficult for recruiters to verify their qualifications, especially if it involves having to translate information. But with blockchain in the mix, candidates can have full control over their info via centralized resume databases.

Got a fancy new training certificate to show off? Candidates will be able to instantly update their credentials via a blockchain-backed cryptographic profile, which gets automatically updated throughout their career. A live, fully updated and completely validated CV? Sounds like a win for both recruiters and candidates. No More Job Boards? One area where the middleman is pretty likely to be eliminated include job boards.

There's still a lot of speculation and at this early stage, it's tough to tell exactly how this will play out but places that hoard data, such as large centralized social networks, could easily be disrupted by blockchain. Those with the best resumes are rewarded with a micro-payment. This may sound super strange and transactional but by acknowledging a candidate's value you automatically create a more respectful, value-driven dialogue between you and them.

What about GDPR? Information on the blockchain cannot be deleted. So what does this mean for GDRP compliance? Regulation plays catch-up with technology. In the meantime, be careful before adopting any new blockchain technology, and never assume it's compliant without first doing your due diligence. What do we know so far? Blockchain requires a major paradigm shift in thinking. For starters, it shows us that our data is safer existing across millions of computers than being housed in a single location.

Not only that, we are now faced with a technology that can capture and verify our identity data in real-time and keep it safe. Unlike the current digital landscape, ownership over the virtual self is handed back to the individual, forcing both individuals and organizations to put transparency first. This makes blockchain extremely popular, particularly in an age where truth comes at a premium. Norberts Erts October 28th, While blockchain is widely associated with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is set to revolutionize how the HR and recruitment functions operate within business.

Blockchain , the decentralized distributed database, is being trialled and implemented by numerous companies across multiple industries on a global scale. Instead of putting the taxi driver out of a job, blockchain puts Uber out of a job and lets the taxi drivers work with the customer.

But as those methods usually come with a hefty fee, it can be quite counterproductive. Resumes will be a thing of the past and looking at grades, certificates, work history and experience will be easily verified and visible to people with direct involvement. These include prejudice and bias, lack of visibility of available workers, low levels of trust in centralised social networks, spam and high fees to intermediaries. We now have the opportunity to build the next generation work platforms enabled by technology such as artificial intelligence, mobile and blockchain, the underlying technology behind Bitcoin.

Smart contracts between an employer and its workforce will make it possible for workers to be paid automatically thanks to a code which will determine what happens to the money once it comes in and certain conditions are created.

The distribution of wages can happen instantly with no risk of delays or fraud. Not having to upload workers onto the payroll system, being able to outline the terms upfront and having the ability to switch on and off a contract will be quite appealing for employers and their HR teams that are used to adhering to normal procedures. From conducting the interviews, checking qualifications, validating work background and gathering references or applying for the necessary security checks — it all takes time.

This process continues throughout employment for example, if the role changes, further qualifications are obtained or different management is assigned during a handover until eventually the employee exits the company. Then you may be requested to forward some of this data to potential new employers for their checks on that individual and alongside this the whole process renews again.

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