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Going against the public isn't some secret ingredient to finding success in sports betting, but in these kinds of one-off situations, you can be. One of the largest sign-up deals on the entire online sports betting market, Caesars Sportsbook is offering a massive $1, bonus to new users. ALL STARS SPORTS BETTING TEMBISA is a company based out of 9 COETZER STREET RUSTENBURG, RUSTENBURG, North West, South Africa. ALL STARS SPORTS BETTING TEMBISA. BETTING WORLD ZIMBABWE OPEN

The NBA All-Star game is played under normal NBA rules, but is much more extravagant, with more slam dunks and alley-oops than usual — with a much higher final score. The NBA All-Star game also incorporates the Elam Ending, where the game clock turns off for the last four minutes of the game, and a target score is set — whoever reaches the target wins the game.

The first step when it comes to betting on the NBA All Star Game involves recognizing that this game is just for fun — the players are obviously trying, but they are trying to showcase their skills and many times they can goof off a little bit. Oddsmakers do offer a great selection of NBA All Star betting odds that you can take advantage of, that will pad your bank roll and bet on the top talent in the league — all in the same game. This bet is simple: pick which team you think will win the game.

The favored team will need to win the game by that amount, or the underdog will need to win the game or lose by less than the spread. Much like McClanahan, Kershaw has been extremely stingy when it comes to allowing any offense, with only a blow-up at Coors Field back on June 28 serving as a true blemish. Otherwise, he allowed one or zero earned runs in five of his last six first-half starts and two or less in 10 of 12 trips to the mound overall this season.

First 3 Innings: Under 2. A type of game is certainly not out of the norm for ASGs, where 12 of the last 21 editions have seen each team score at least three runs. Even with the array of impressive bats up and down both rosters, each team reaching three runs is no cakewalk, explaining the appealing price for this prop.

Anytime you take a shot at 5-to-1, much less to-1, that needs to be the expectation. And if you want an even bigger swing with longer odds and the National League as the winner, Alonso can be your pick, too. Judge can absolutely wreck this game with one at-bat and while some others are also capable of it, he may get one more chance at the plate than plenty of other guys in this game, including teammate Giancarlo Stanton.

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You will see illustrations of this below. Read all you need to know about American odds. Backing the Favorite on a Moneyline A moneyline bet is, in its most basic and common expression, a bet on the winner of an event. The sportsbook expects the favorite with minus odds to win. The favorites, Dallas, are at Three-way Moneylines Some sports demand a three-way money line — usually those that are relatively low-scoring and where a tied match is a legitimate result and happens fairly frequently.

Soccer is the best example. Often the odds-implied favorite position is actually the draw, not a winner. Want to Bet Better? Get the App Odds comparisons, betting tools, stats, news Get The App Backing the Favorite on a Point Spread The second way to back a favorite is on a point spread — an ingenious creation by American sportsbooks that allows for the levelling of the betting field between two mis-matched sides.

A point spread handicaps the favorite and gives a helping hand to the underdog, so that a spread on the bet shifts from being a bet on the winner, to a bet on the margin of victory. The size of the spread identifies the extent it is favored as it represents the expected margin of victory. The wider the spread, the greater the favorite.

In this game, the spread is 7. The odds on both sides are , meaning a winning bet on either side of the market pays out the same. In this case, the Cowboys need to win by 8 points or more. The Raiders cover the spread if they lose by no more than 7 — or indeed cause an upset and win. Hidden value between the moneyline and spread? Naturally, there is a correlation between moneyline odds and how wide the spread is.

If there is any discrepancy, this can be a good way to find value in the odds. Read all about Point Spreads here. Backing the Favorite in an Outright An outright bet is a bet on the winner of a competition or tournament, rather than an individual event. All odds on outrights are positive — and the favorite is simply the team or individual with the shortest odds. You must be at least the age of majority of your applicable jurisdiction of residence which is twenty one 21 years of age or older for residents of the United States, including the District of Columbia, and you may not be a firm, business entity or institution.

By using this Website and Service, you represent and warrant that you have the right, authority and capacity to enter into this agreement and to abide by all of these Terms and Conditions of Use. Access to the Website may not be legal for some or all residents of, or persons present in, certain Jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to determine the law that applies in the applicable Jurisdiction and Provider does not make any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the lawfulness of your participation in or use of Service on this Website are appropriate for use in your Jurisdiction.

If you participate in the Service offered on the Website while located in a prohibited Jurisdiction, you will be in violation of the law of such Jurisdiction and these Terms and Conditions of Use. User expressly agrees that use of the Website and Service is at User's sole risk. General Rules 1. Sports Betting Guide Football Rules 1. However, if quarters are completed that constitutes action on quarters.

Fourth Quarter betting does NOT include overtime scores. Basketball Rules 1. Hockey Rules 1. Baseball Rules Regular Season 1. Any game that is suspended before 5 innings are complete will be considered an invalid for those bet before mentioned.

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Updated: October 18, How to identify the favorite and understanding what that means before you bet is the first step for any sports bettor. Updated: October 18, A moneyline bet is the simplest bet in sports betting: It is a bet on the winner of an event.

Updated: October 18, Teasers are creative parlays that allow you to adjust Totals and Point Spreads in your favour — with an interesting catch. The same point teaser must be used across all legs. Updated: October 18, Sharp bettors are the pros who make a living out of sports betting. Updated: October 18, Sports betting jargon may feel impenetrable at first, but it grows on you.

Hopefully like your a bankroll. Updated: October 18, Sportsbooks are in the business of making money. Vig is what they charge to take your action. You need to know about and understand it. Updated: October 18, Prop betting can be fun and whimsical, but there are also important idiosyncrasies that knowing will help your betting success.

Occasionally, the sporting gods flip the script — cue the upset. Updated: October 18, Bookmakers will always look to balance a market to limit potential loses on any one side. Their main tool to do this is line movement. Updated: October 18, By placing numerous bets in a parlay you can multiply your winnings significantly — but all your bets must hit for a parlay to pay. Updated: October 18, You need to learn the basics as a foundation for your betting career.

All odds on outrights are positive — and the favorite is simply the team or individual with the shortest odds. Backing the Bucs to repeat is thus an example of backing the favorite in an outright. Read all you need to know about Outright bets here. There may be the rare and odd occasion when a sportsbook is unable to decide which of the two teams should be the favorite. The moneyline for each side will be the same, and the spread will be zero.

In Conclusion To recap, here are the important things to remember about favorites: In American odds, they carry minus odds. You need to risk more on them to win less. A point spread, handicaps them. To cover the spread, they need to win by at least that many points.

In an Outright, the favorite is the one with the shortest odds in the field. Why does the favorite take minus odds? That way it limits its potential liability on any one side of the market. The favorite, being expected to win, has a head start — so the minus pulls it back towards the underdog.

The underdog, being expected to lose, lags behind — so the plus pushes it forward towards the favorite. Can there be a plus-money favorite? Yes, but not in a money line or spread bet. In outright markets all members of the field receive plus odds — the favorite will be the one with the shortest odds. Take, for example, The Masters golf tournament. At the start of the tournament, all players in the field will receive odds on them winning.

Jon Rahm, the current world No. However, once a tournament starts, the odds will be reset at the end of each round to account for scores posted. What happens if the underdog wins? In a spread bet, the favorite team that you have backed may win, but you might still lose your bet if they fail to cover to spread.

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