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Using Bitcoin for esports betting carries with it a number of advantages; although there are some disadvantages too. The key considerations for any esports. eSports and cryptocurrencies are both forward-thinking industries in the crypto world. It is one of the popular ways to engage with eSports. In eSports crypto betting, the bettors use Bitcoin (BTC) or other cryptocurrencies instead of traditional currencies. The significant difference. CRYPTO CURRENCY MEANING

Bet with Crypto on Politics For those who wager on who is going to win the presidency, Crypto is ushering in a new era of bitcoin betting websites for politics. Considered an essential part of the political landscape, political gambling is as much a public relations tool as it is a form of entertainment.

Hundreds of sportsbooks are now offering odds on major elections. In fact, odds for President Barack Obama winning the presidential election were more favourable than his polling numbers at the time. As the odds of him winning increased, more bettors placed wagers on Obama to win, improving his online reputation.

Entertainment Crypto Betting Entertainment companies are accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which are in demand by avid gamblers. Since , online entertainment sites have welcomed the use of crypto as a form of payment. From video gaming to online casinos, entertainment sites allow players to access an online account and deposit funds directly from a crypto transfer agent. Easy-to-use and secure, crypto continues to grow as the choice for those who frequent online entertainment websites.

Best Cryptocurrencies for betting The most common and popular cryptocurrencies to use for betting are Bitcoin and Ethereum, which you will find at all betting sites that offer crypto betting. Bitcoin In , Bitcoin became a legal tender. Recognized by El Salvador as the official currency, second only to the U. Digital currency continues to skyrocket in value.

Used to purchase both online and offline items, it leads the cryptocurrency market trend. Sparking the launch of hundreds of copycat coins, Bitcoin is distributed on a blockchain or decentralized system of secure files. Although dealings are visible, users are unable to alter transactions, making Bitcoin one of the safest ways to transfer funds online.

Going through several highs and drops in the market, the coin continues trending upward in value. As gamblers increasingly use cryptocurrency for betting, it is viewed as a popular option for betting online. Ethereum Ethereum is also decentralized, and an open-source blockchain. Ethereum is more popular blockchain technology, even though Bitcoin is a more widely used form of digital currency. Popular cryptocurrency betting sites accept Ethereum, offering users a secure funds transfer experience.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are not the only digital currencies gamblers use. Litecoin and Bitcoin cash are also popular options for funding casino and sportsbook accounts. In fact, the profound cryptocurrency market growth is sparked in part by the anonymity the digital currency offers to gamblers. As more bettors attempt to maintain privacy, cryptocurrency is an attractive method for bettors at sportsbooks offshore or websites, which are not licensed in a particular area.

How to Bet with Bitcoin Bitcoin is a welcome funding partner for many esports bettors. Transaction speeds are often faster than other payment options, such as debit and credit cards, which take hours. Bank transfers may take days to process. Although a relatively new concept, esports crypto betting has witnessed a surge in players and bettors who want to make the most of cryptocurrencies.

Owning Bitcoin as a huge investment opportunity and increasing its holdings via esports is one of the ways. All one has to do is select an esport to bet on. Cryptocurrency eSports Industry Sports betting is legal and one of the popular forms of gambling. Traditionally, it involves placing bets with bookies or bookmakers. However, it is illegal when the outcome of a game is fixed. Seeking trusted bookmakers is of utmost importance as it involves money.

While this may be true, the same also applies to online sportsbook sites. These sites act as a platform where gamblers interact with bookmakers in some instances. Thus, attracting professional gamblers, esports enthusiasts, and independent players who enjoy wagering on the outcome of the electronic sporting event. Many traditional sites are now involving other cryptos as a payment option owing to the popularity of the technology.

These other sites also offer regular and bitcoin sports betting options other than esports games. Why Use Crypto for eSports Betting? As stated at the beginning of the article, esports crypto betting is growing due to the mainstream applications of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Many players consider esports a growing industry for making money via video games. While the crypto esports betting industry is still in its infancy, many investors are considering increasing their cryptocurrency holdings.

Using BTC or other cryptocurrencies for betting on esports offers the following advantages. The transaction speed varies according to the cryptocurrency and involves verification and confirmation of the transaction. Typically, both verification and confirmation take approximately 10 minutes. Compared to fiat transactions, crypto transactions are pretty fast as the former takes upto a few hours to days. Lightning-fast cross-border transactions from anywhere across the globe enable visitors to place bets on significant games of esports worldwide.

While Bitcoin is the most widely used popular cryptocurrency, others also have much faster transactional speeds. Based on the cryptocurrencies supported, players can thus choose an ideal site for super-fast transactions. Speed is an essential element to consider when selecting betting platforms. Security Cryptocurrency user accounts are usually protected using the most sophisticated encryption protocols like SSL encryption.

Cryptocurrencies offer the utmost transparency due to blockchain networks, and enhanced security is another perk of using them for esports betting. Sites that provide users to bet with cryptocurrency options also offer better security when compared to fiat currency betting platforms. From the secure registration process to account verification for withdrawals, the user information is secure and protected with enhanced encryption codes.

Anonymity User anonymity is the primary reason for the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks. The gambling industry is still not widely accepted by many countries. Due to the anonymity of crypto esports betting websites, gambling enthusiasts from such countries can still place esports bets.

Thus, betting may be legal or illegal, depending on the country. Most cryptocurrencies are decentralized, meaning they are not governed or controlled by a central authority like financial institutions or countries. Placing bets using cryptos helps when one is unsure about the legality of sports betting in a particular country.

Legality and Regulation Behind eSports Crypto Betting Legality and regulation are essential criteria to consider in esports crypto betting. It is imperative to understand that every sports betting platform is different; some are regulated and with licensed operators, and some are not.

Cryptocurrencies are mostly not confined to the anti-money laundering laws; it is still necessary for bettors to choose export betting sites with a genuine license and are regulated operators.

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How to Get Started with Bitcoin Betting While Bitcoin has grown massively in popularity, there are still some people who are new to it or new to Bitcoin betting and Bitcoin betting sites specifically! While Bitcoin can seem complicated on the surface, Bitcoin betting is actually pretty easy to get started off with.

Find an Exchange —You can skip this step if you already own cryptocurrency! Make sure you follow the instructions carefully so your funds end up in the right place. Place a Bet — With your Bitcoin deposited, you can now place bets using it. There are quite a few differences and changes depending on which type of esports betting you go for.

Anonymity — One of the main benefits of Bitcoin is that it allows to conduct transactions without exposing your identity. Bitcoin esports betting in some cases can allow you to bet with very little information given out, whereas traditional betting usually has heavy KYC requirements.

Fees — Fees for using crypto for betting are going to vary depending on what platform you use. However, the best Bitcoin betting sites allow you to bet without many fees compared to traditional banking. Security — Both Bitcoin and normal betting require you to trust the bookmaker to hold your funds and pay out fairly. Neither form of betting really has an advantage here, but you should definitely be careful when choosing a Bitcoin betting sites.

Bitcoin is harder to trace, so you should be wary. Thankfully, there are a few esports betting sites that allow you to make deposits and withdrawals with the cryptocurrency. We should also mention the fact that some online betting sites also charge some fairly unreasonable fees for anybody using Bitcoin to make deposits and withdrawals.

You can still use that site for Bitcoin esports betting after getting the bonus with a different payment method though. ArcaneBet If the esports betting options at NetBet feel a little limited, then you might have a better time using your Bitcoins at ArcaneBet. This is a dedicated esports betting site who facilitate Bitcoin payments to wager on a massive range of titles that range from classics like LoL and CSGO, to lesser-seen titles like King of Glory and Rainbow Six.

For more information with regards this operator, read our Arcanebet Review. This site has been operating for over 20 years and is fully licenced and can be trusted to hold your crypto. Pinnacle offers great crypto betting potential alongside great options for Bitcoin esports betting. They offer traditional betting alongside Bitcoin betting.

You can safely despot and withdraw your Bitcoin, with minimal costs and a decent speed compared to other sites. The site offers a lot to players outside of crypto though. They have a wide array of esports games on offer, alongside plenty of traditional sports and casino offerings. Check out what Netbet has to offer in our Cyber. Tips for Bitcoin Betting Those are some of the top esports bookmakers at the moment that use Bitcoin betting.

However, betting with crypto can itself be a bit more complicated than just using fiat currency. If you want to get the most out of it, then there are some things for you to keep in mind. You should be betting on games that you understand to get better value out of Bitcoin betting sites and having a better chance of winning your bets. Bitcoin often relies on an e-Wallet in most cases. Using Trustly sites for betting , or another similar eWallet is necessary for Bitcoin.

Apart from that one aspect, Bitcoin is incomparable to many other payment methods. But, one thing that stands out about eSports betting with Bitcoin is the user autonomy. Your bank account is linked to PayPal, and moving money to and fro through PayPal may reduce times, but not flexibility. Betting on eSports with Bitcoin guarantees you have full control over your money, and having that much control before Bitcoin was rare.

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esports betting bitcoin

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