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dancing badgers ethereum

buterin-badger-dance. Trending; Comments; Latest. Bitcoin v Dogecoin meme-ish. Peter Todd Proposes Turning Bitcoin Into Dogecoin · Ethereum. , Microsoft's version of cringy #EDCON #Ethereum badger dance. cinq hommes réalisaient la plus belle prestation de dad dancing de l'histoire. Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin was maybe the only speaker to focus on the question at the Community Ethereum Development Conference in Toronto. ORACLE CRYPTO COIN

Take it easy, Edie admonished. But we might give you a chance to crawl away, Ed says wiping at his bloody face and picking at his broken nose all in the same move. We may have a very serious situation on our hands. It's vital you don't say a word, I reminded her again. But he's an eye doctor, not a psychiatrist, correct? Cease fire, cease fire! Mackall told his platoon. Report in. That's all. The markets were thronged, the spectators were still thickly clustered around the whore pits, runners-up in the city's eternal and byzantine gang warfare drifted silently down through the chilly waters of the river with lead weights tied to their feet, dealers in various illegal and even illogical delights plied their sidelong trade, burglars burgled, knives flashed starlight in alleyways, astrologers started their day's work and in the Shades a nightwatch-man who had lost his way rang his bell and cried out: 'Twelve o'clock and all's arrrrrgghhhh, ' 'It's meddling, that's what it is,' said Granny Weatherwax.

Anything sick or hurt used to wind up in his storeroom, where Sara tended it in a box lined with his finest felt. Nelo had figured his adult daughter finally past that phase-till she returned from a routine gleaning trip a few days ago, with a wounded man thrashing on a stretcher. Bring some. Well,' she said, 'I don't know anything about the glamorous world of publishing, but I've been reading for pleasure all my lifeCurious George was my first love, if you want to know That was the last time I was with her,' Frank said, and now he didn't sound apologetic or embarrassed at all.

She said she'd tell you everything when she was ready, but then she died. After that I didn't think it mattered. Mike, she was my sister. She was my sister and I promised. No one but the best ever held this baby in his hand, Eddie thought. Until now, at least. How could he negotiate that descent? He could not so much as look over the parapet without dizziness. When Lena repeated, "Come," he shook his head. He lacked the courage. Yet he had to keep himself active somehow.

To Lena's puzzlement, he said, "How long ago was this Desolation? She'd had no illusions about what she was getting into when she'd signed on board the Shard as a clonelegger, but somehow it was different up close. The body banks were a source of life and longevity, but the spotless cargo bay still seemed to reek of death. There are also some more obvious indicators. Medieval guilds , for example, famously manifested their shared culture and identity in elaborate oaths of fraternity, debauched feasts and boozy initiations that were used to form strong social bonds between members.

Similar traditions can be found in blockchain communities. But, should this medieval legal practice be applied to blockchains? And what are its limitations? Both medieval and blockchain communities used a combination of mutual dependence and dispute resolution mechanisms to achieve this. If cooperation broke down, many groups had their own tribunals that varied from community to community in order to resolve disputes.

Similarly, developers and miners are incentivised to cooperate by game theory mechanisms the risk of a hard fork and the benefits of building a network with a large community and the shared culture and identity described above. Furthermore, some systems have also developed dispute resolution mechanisms. For example, the Graph protocol allows members to submit disputes that are either satisfactorily resolved on-chain or are decided by an arbitrator who is part of the community.

So, whilst groups are capable of internal regulation, there is always a risk some communities will break down, to the detriment of its members. Second, we should question the effectiveness of the systems of group representation.

Like modern corporations, medieval communities used representatives. A key difference, however, was that there was little concern over who was chosen and whether the procedure was fair and democratic. The emphasis was less on procedure and more on the substance of the matter. Blockchains, on the other hand, are designed for democracy. This does not mean, however, that leading figures in the community might not be called upon to represent the community.

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Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin was maybe the only speaker to focus on the question at the Community Ethereum Development Conference in Toronto, which featured stuffed animal unicorns, coders dancing to a video of bouncing badgers and mushrooms, and t-shirt clad attendees, largely in their 20s. Securities and Exchange Commission is considering whether to name Ether a security.

He said digital asset is used as a means to fuel applications based on Ethereum, not as an investment or stake in a company. It would also attract even greater scrutiny to tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain. Discussions revolved around the status, advantages and drawbacks of scaling solutions, like sharding and plasma.

The benefit of this is that it is easy to understand. However, transaction-based estimates can be misleading because the energy required to propose and validate a block is independent of the number of transactions within it. A per transaction unit of energy expenditure implies that fewer transactions would lead to smaller energy expenditure and vice-versa, which is not the case. A per-transaction estimate is highly dependent upon how a blockchain's transaction throughput is defined, and tweaking this definition can be gamed to make the value seem larger or smaller.

For example, on Ethereum, the transaction throughput is not only that of the base layer - it is also the sum of the transaction throughput of all of its " layer 2 " rollups, which are not generally included in calculations and would drastically reduce them.

This is one reason why tools that compare energy consumption per transaction across platforms are misleading. More relevant is the overall energy consumption and carbon footprint of the network as a whole. From those values, we can examine what that network offers to its users and society at large and make a more holistic evaluation of whether that energy expenditure is justified or not.

Per transaction measurements, on the other hand, imply the value of the network only comes from its role in transferring crypto between accounts and prohibits an honest cost-benefit analysis. CCRI has measured the electricity consumption of different nodes with various hardware and client software configurations.

This resulted in an estimation of 2. Digiconomist provides whole-network energy consumption and carbon footprints for Bitcoin and Ethereum. In comparison, the total energy expenditure for securing Ethereum is closer to 0. Note that the estimates presented in the plot are from publicly available sources that have been linked to in the text below.

They are illustrative and do not represent an official estimate, promise or forecast. To put Ethereum's energy consumption in context, we can compare annualized estimates for other industries. As a digital payments platform we could perhaps compare to PayPal estimated to consume about 0. Estimates of energy consumption by Netflix range dramatically between about 0.

Estimates of YouTube's energy expenditure have been broken down by channel and individual videos. Those estimates imply that people consumed 45 times more energy watching Gangnam Style in than proof-of-stake Ethereum uses in a year. A green application layer While Ethereum's energy consumption is very low, there is also a substantial, growing, and highly active regenerative finance ReFi community building on Ethereum.

ReFi applications use DeFi components to build financial applications that have positive externalities benefiting the environment. ReFi is part of a wider "solarpunk" movement that is closely aligned with Ethereum and aims to couple technological advancement and environmental stewardship. The decentralized, permissionless, composable nature of Ethereum makes it the ideal base layer for the ReFi and solarpunk communities. Through the development of these and others, e.

DeSci , Ethereum is becoming an environmentally and socially-positive technology. Ethereum's carbon debt Ethereum's current energy expenditure is very low, but this has not always been the case. Ethereum switched on its proof-of-stake consensus mechanism in Q3 However, Ethereum used a proof-of-work mechanism from , which had a much greater environmental cost. Since its inception, Ethereum aimed to implement a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, but doing so without sacrificing security and decentralization took years of focused research and development.

Therefore, a proof-of-work mechanism was used to get the network started. Proof-of-work consensus requires miners to use their computing hardware to solve a puzzle, expending energy in the process. The solution to the puzzle proves that energy has been expended by the miner, demonstrating that they invested real-world value for the right to add to the blockchain.

Depicted metaphorically, this corresponds to a reduction in emissions from the height of the Eiffel Tower to a small plastic toy figure, as shown in the figure below.

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